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Notepad Can Do Something More Right Before Your Eyes

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 25 Jan, 2011 17:55:39

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You might think that Notepad is just a simple note editor of Windows which comes automatically along with the program when you install it. Further than you may know, Notepad can perform different wonders and functions right before your very eyes. The following are the things Notepad can exhibit beyond what you are expecting.

  • Sending cursor to a specific line

You may enter the number you like after pressing the combination CTRL+G from your computer keyboard; you can send to a specific line the cursor when you have a Notepad open file. In the menu of the Format, Word Wrap should be un-ticked for using this feature which will be functional for Hypertext Markup Language and script editing.

  • For notes with a keyboard shortcut, you may add time and date

Likewise, with a shortcut of the keyboard, there is a way to manually add the time and date, instead of using a procedure which is automatic. Through duplicating and attaching text files to your Notepad, you may gather bits of data from other files, newsletters of your electronic mail, and from respective websites. By putting the cursor where you like to enter the date and pressing the F5 function key, you can add the time and date when an item is added to assist you for information tracking.

  • Log file creation with time stamp and automatic date

At anytime you open the Notepad, you can do file creation that supplements the present time and date. For you to do log creation of the changes you’ve done to your PC, all you have to perform is this option which is illustrated as follows:

The Notepad should be opened. You may press the Return key for you to move to the next line after typing LOG on the first line ( the LOG should have dot before the letter L). Now, in a perfect place along with a name that matches its description, you may save the file. You will notice that before the place where new text can be done, the time and date can be added to the log on its end when you perform file opening the next time.

Amazing, isn’t it? When we first use the Notepad, it seems that it looks an ordinary text editor without any other functions we never realized, but just a text editor. Now, after reading this article, you are enlightened of other ways and techniques to help you broaden the use of your simple Notepad. 

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