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PDF File Convesion Techniques

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 13 Dec, 2010 23:49:37

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Most computers are capable with the help of built-in software for viewing Portable Document Format (PDF) that makes it easier to print and share. The best thing about PDFs is that it is very difficult to change or edit which makes our document secured and format preserved. All you need to have is an Acrobat Reader from Adobe or Foxit Reader, which is a similar PDF reader product for easy viewing and printing of a PDF file. You need to take note that it requires another program to convert a PDF file to a different file type on the other hand. The good thing is you will have several free and paid options to choose from when you’re to convert a PDF file to another file type.

On this article, you’ll learn the techniques on converting a file form PDF to Microsoft Word format which makes sharing and printing of the document easier through using PDF redirect utility free of charge.

Now, here are the techniques for converting PDF files to Microsoft 2010 documents:

  • Click File-Save As, with the file you want to convert open.
  • You may choose PDF from the Save As Type option after entering a file name in the File Name dialogue box.
  • You may choose between Minimum Size or Standard as your quality setting
  • Now to explore more options in tweaking the output, click Options. Select Print Markup, for example, to include traced comments and changes. You may click OK when you’re done selecting the Options items of your choice.
  • It’s your turn to click on Save. You have to be sure that you checked on Open File After Publishing if you want to view the file after it has been saved.

Keep in mind that you can convert images, word documents, and Web pages into PDF files when you install a print-to-PDF program on your personal computer. You may also search online sources for several programs available to do file conversions. Up next, you’ll learn PDF creation using EXP Systems PDF redirect technique which is Windows 7 compatible.

  • In the program you’re using, you may go to the Print menu.
  • You may choose PDF redirect as your printer.
  • To launch PDF redirect you may click OK.
  • You can now add a password, name your file, choose a level of quality, and select options where you like to save it from PDF redirect window. You may click Save for PDF generation when you finish the process.   

PDF Creation Checklist

  • After you have converted all your files into PDF format, you may keep the original files. Remember that a PDF file is very hard to edit, and it’s a simple and orderly task to keep PDF file to its original format.
  • Most of the time the original document is perfectly reproduced through PDF conversion, but it may delete or twist important factors on your file. Like for instance, an ad or graphic presentation of a Web page may be omitted through PDF conversion. It this happens, before doing the process of converting files or documents to PDF, first you have to take a screenshot of the Web page or pages you like to transform.

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