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Philippines 2010 Election Debates: Ups and Downs on the Dawn of Techy Community Era

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 07 Jun, 2010 12:29:36

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At last, after restless debates, the long wait for president-elect proclamation will nearly end. Speculations of the “automated cheating” agitated the recent election’s reputation. Arguments of winners against “cheated” candidates still roar media air. These tires up Filipinos, especially voters who dared to endure heat and hunger, hoping to change the current face of politics.

Hearing same old squabbles is irritating, yet our hope for a clean politics may in some way need them, as truth needs unveiling. Checking the errors, be it on intention or not should be discovered in order to eliminate them for the next election. For unintended mistakes, though, it’s already accounted that some errors may occur as it is the system’s first time to run, large amount of them is inexcusable. Moreover, starting an honest and reputable proclamation is necessary for the country’s stability.

More than anybody else, voters know the effects of the system imperfection for they are the intended served recipients. Contributing my own observation, I have provided a list of the ups and downs of the 2010 Automated Election.

The Cons

  1. People are confused, as it is their first acquaintance with counting machines
  2. The machines were untested and a considerable number of it is defective.
  3. Unreasonable number of people was assigned for one counting machine alone.
  4. Technical support lacks.
  5. Voting lacks of secrecy.
  6. The coordinators are disorganized creating a bottle neck. Everyone experienced the hours of waiting and endure heat and hunger.

The Pros

  1. The election results are surprisingly instant.
  2. Fast counting saved people from result procrastination.
  3. Time for violence was lessened.

The recent 2010 Election is historical as it is the first automated election in our country. To think we are evolving with the world’s technology modernization is definitely inspiring. However, this glorious time in Philippines is acquainted with several challenges. The transition from old to new system was tough enough to put every voter in test. Yes, it’s a great feat. Indeed, passing these challenges is worth celebrating, as this symbolizes our fellow countrymen’s love for our country. Nevertheless, our obligation does not end on voting, we should learn from past mistakes of the system.  

The automated election still needs a lot of polishing, and we should be aware of fixing it out. We cannot reverse time. Damage has been already done, but we can still manage to prevent its reoccurrence. It would be shameful if we allow same mistakes next election.

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