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Presidential Inauguration: New Beginning and New Expectations

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 02 Jul, 2010 14:05:03

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The recent Presidential Inauguration was star-studded. Foreign diplomats and world leaders, politicians, celebrities, and other public figures were present, along with the international covering Medias for TV, publishing, as well as internet. Nevertheless no one shines above than the announced President of the Philippines, Noynoy Aquino. Everybody noticed the changed aura of the President, from regular to authoritative as ceremony takes place. He deserves so, having garnered landslide vote from people.

Son of Martial Law Martyr and Mother of Democracy, President Noynoy never dreamed of sitting to power. Written by destiny, people pursued him to run in the midst of mourning upon his mother’s death. The story is known to every Filipino, an astonishing real epic to world. This is the reason why the world seems to have its eyes on the Philippines, a similar scenario in America few months ago.

The event was a rewind of Obama’s coming to power. So much was expected in his first 100 days of reign. However, three months is only three months compared to the problem America is facing. And thus, his popularity went down. Comparing, what would happen on the first State of the Nation Address of President Noy as he is left with a bankrupt government?

Aside from corruption, Filipino suffers from poverty born from deep-rooted causes. The problem now comes in complex visage from different intentions of ruling industrial predators, and world economic crisis. With the bad aura, that previous administration had masked our country. It is not surprising why investors have a hard time of preferring Philippines over competing countries in Asia. Hopefully with the interest Philippines gain as the new ruling president sits, employment rate would boost to real counting figure. Not just what the government claims, but with what people acquire.

Philippines is every Filipino’s country. The problem our country faces is not the President’s sole problem. It is ours. Thus, the expectation shouldn’t be shouldered alone by the reigning President. It is an accountability of every Filipino. Now that the Edsa Revolution took its effect to the voting public, it should run through every single responsibility of each citizen. Simple things like following the traffic laws, paying taxes on time, and obeying what is right and proper, are more than enough if every Filipino would live by it. Let’s take the burning pride in everything that we do. Have the world known that indeed Philippines is worth living and worth dying for.

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