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by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 14 Jan, 2011 22:11:10

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I’m sure everybody who is in to computers get into frustration when it comes to fixing their units, whether you are a type of person who goes to technicians when problems or issues arise regarding your computers or you yourself are an established technical support specialist or professional. To figure out what is going on, you have to rely on communicative explanations from a non-technical person, and when you are not sitting physically at the system you’re trying to repair the work becomes harder. If you want to settle PC problems and alter distant repairing process, Windows 7 tool called Problem Steps Recorder can do the trick. 

Whenever someone clicks to remake an event that cause the problem or moves the mouse, Problem Steps Recorder captures screenshots. The user can send Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions-Hypertext Markup Language file to the other person who provides backing up services so that they can exactly view the response of the system, and what was typed or clicked because the tool compiles screenshots into a Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions-Hypertext Markup Language file. 

At the bottom left of Windows 7 desktop, you may click the button that says Start for you to open Problem Steps Recorder. You may type PSR or Steps Recorder before pressing the Return key when you are in the search box. For recording events on the system, a small window opens on the desktop with moderately direct interface.

You can use the mechanisms of Problem Steps Recorder for instances like if there’s wireless network connectivity problem involved when your relative lives in a different state, or if you have colleagues working in the same building, or a company staff assigned to distant branch. You may direct the user to start Problem Steps Recorder and then do the same process that leads to the issue that they are pursuing. The user can insert text messages for explanation to provide supplemental information after the user click Add Comment on the Problem Steps Recorder console while it is on the process of recording. 

The user should click Stop Record on the console of Problem Steps Recorder and then tell Problem Steps Recorder- where to save the Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions-Hypertext Markup Language file results after the event is being captured by the tool. For easy locating of file, it is the first in line recommendation to place it on the desktop of Windows 7 to keep things easier and simple. 

Before sending files for repair to make sure that it concisely and clearly capture questionable events, and that it doesn’t hold any confidential or delicate details as the explanation of Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions-Hypertext Markup Language file begins. During screen capture, Problem Steps Recorder simply takes screenshots and has no way to distinguish information which are sensitive such as, account numbers and passwords. 

We shall continue our discussion on the second part. 

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