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Punctuation Grammar Checker software: the Most Important Tool for Novice and Professional Writers

by: Melissa Reyes | 31 Aug, 2010 19:55:40

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          When writing, what makes a novice writer bothered most? Ideas? Style? Mechanics? Language? In fact, apart from these criteria, grammar is the most difficult to sustain in writing? However, due to the most impeccable evidence of the advent of computer technology, writers are no longer worried about the feeing of being corrected of grammatical errors because computer software that checks English grammar has been available of serving as their editor and to perfect their whole piece.

Based on Universal Grammar (UG), the writing is more likely professional for it filters some informal expressions like slang or colloquial to creep into which obviously unacceptable to typical standard writing. This checker software scrutinizes the written text and compares to the Standard English. When it encounters errors, it automatically corrects them. Being novice or professional writer, they no longer spend much time editing their work as well as rewriting because this so-called English language software edits as well as it teaches student writers. As a matter of fact, it does proof-reading which is great help on the part of the writer. Marks have been manifested if the expressions are not correctly structured, e.g. fragments or run-on sentences.

Another function of Punctuation Grammar Checker software is to check the spelling of every word that makes up a sentence to a longer discourse. In this way, the writer doesn’t find difficulty on their spelling ability because once the word is not correctly spelled; it leaves a mark that signals the writer to correct it. In addition, it also features thesaurus, automatic dictionary enrichments and punctuations. The punctuation if not used properly is evidently shown on the screen.

Through the help of the checker online, Essays and other types of writings such as personal, narrative, descriptive, cause and effect, comparison and contrast, controversial writings are worth publishing for it concedes its standards and English grammar rules. However, this doesn’t mean to rely on the checker all the time, proof-reading by a professional critic is still an advantage.

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