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Running Restricted Windows Programs Easily

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 19 Feb, 2011 20:16:24

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Nowadays, it will be advantageous for a computer user to have several means of protecting the system, especially, when it comes to downloads, hidden risky Web pages & sites, and other factors associated with traps of malicious software. The best move you can do is to run the wholeness of an account with privileges of a system that is limited which is one of the general technique. It will be for the good of the user to protect his computer system by imposing restrictions on his PC transactions and functionalities which in effect can bring about positive results to prolong the life of the computer. You have to realize that the browser itself is running with rights that are limited most of the time because it’s the front liner. With the use of Drop My Rights and Sandboxing these days, nothing could be worth the protection than your computer itself.

Your preference of running a program with rights which are either elevated or limited will be convenient for you and we are going to tackle about two techniques that give a simple way of performing options in switching which are using Sys internals / Microsoft freeware. You need to agree to an End User License Agreement of Microsoft upon the first time you use one of these recommended programs for these techniques are relevant to Windows XP particularly because it has lesser defenses for security compared to neither Windows 7 nor Vista platforms, respectively. You may need to note and keep in mind that these are irreplaceable and it’s only supplementing the methods which are generally used.

PsExec Utilization

You may download from a Microsoft link or site the PsExec.exe which is part of a kit of utilities called Ps Tools. Now, going to a preferable location, unzip the folder that contains Ps Tools where you can find several different tools inside the folder while PsExec.exe is the only one used for this technique.

Now, running a program with lesser favors is easier through shortcut creation with specific switches as well as remotely performing program launching that uses the same technique like what Drop My Rights is using.

For an easy option you may choose from the two shortcuts of a program where you can select the one with elevated or normal privileges and the other one with reduced privileges.

You may follow the steps below for a restricted shortcut creation:

  • On the desktop, right-click a place which is blank
  • Choose New from the context menu afterwards
  • The next step would be clicking Shortcut
  • Enter “{path1}\PsTools\psexec.exe” -l -d “{path2}\your-program.exe”  in the box which is tagged Type the location of the item and use the quotes if there are spaces in names after filling in the exact paths on your computer for {path1} and {path2}.
  • Clicking Next is the second from the concluding step
  • You may click on Finish after entering the shortcut’s name

Explorer Processing

is different option which is a utility that is free from the internals of Microsoft Sys used for running application with rights that are limited and you may take note that this has many uses aside from the one provided. You may select an executable one for running with the use of the menu visible on your screen after file menu opening. Instead of using this technique in ordinary purposes, you may use this for testing only.

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