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Safety Measures For Your Mobile Phone To Make It Secured: 2

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 12 Jan, 2011 21:21:31

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Now, we will continue our discussion in our second part of our article.

·          The most secured operating system

The most complicated thing to answer would be this. Last year, all of the major Operating Systems of smartphone have made remarkable steps. Blackberry is still the gold standard based from a security standpoint and enterprise control. On the other hand, the mobile phones of RIM have gadget-wide, futuristic encryption which includes a Secure Digital Card. However, Google Android, Apple iPhone, and other companies has expanded their support for the mobile security management in the last six months. The device manufacturers such as Motorola and HTC have added software which is one of their properties over the high caliber operating systems to support their handsets. The Microsoft Corporation does have standard techniques patterned after that of Google and Apple Macintosh to maintain the buyer-centered status of its operating system for the mobile with its Windows Phone 7. In the coming days, there is more business-friendly security which the company would like to add. The lack of encryption most particularly, on the Secure Digital Card, is one of the largest spots in Google Android’s security that’s slowing its mass adoption in the market league. For business users who are saving their attachments for electronic mails on Secure Digital Cards which are unencrypted, that would be an unusual risk for users in business. Windows Phone 7 and iOperating System at present time don’t support storage which is removable, while the phones brand which offer the option for Secure Digital Card encryption is BlackBerry. As soon as remote wiping is made, more companies are much willing to approve phones with Secure Digital Card unencrypted and this would be one of the best options for most smartphone enthusiasts. The phone must be switched on and the data connection server should be active for you to wipe your phone remotely. The Secure Digital Card can’t be deleted even if a stranger pulls out the battery from your handset before wiping it. 

·          Third-Party applications that shares a lot

You seem to be like a lottery winner when some benefits are given to you upon installing a third-party app. The best part is that those benefits may include access to your private information, contact numbers, and physical location. On the other hand, Google Android provides its end users with more info even though it has a central control with an average quality. The application will ask you for specific authorization questions before you can install an application on Google Android. The messages will be important so you may need not to ignore it. You may ask yourself first on the reason why it needs access to your whereabouts and contacts if you’re just trying to install wallpaper that very simple. When you are to grant authorizations, you need to exercise a good judgment.

You will have more to come in our third part. 

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