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Safety Measures For Your Mobile Phone To Make It Secured: 3

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 13 Jan, 2011 15:56:09

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This is the third part of our discussion. At this point, we will give focus on the following: 

·          Computer viruses, malicious software and trojan horses  

For attackers who are roaming everywhere, especially, within the whole cyberspace, your mobile devices are the biggest target. For the security that no malicious software has penetrated the system even a single minute, a manufacturer did create the software which enables the big Information Technology department to scan all gadgets in one single inspection. Google Android iOperating System is the one used because it is one of the latest tools with greater adoption. For all platforms available, it was noticed that malicious software is increasing in rate across the board. You need to be aware that even official app stores online is vulnerable with attacks, not only those things resulting from buying pirated software from illegal sites. The best remedy for you to do is to once more switch to apps coming from third parties. You may consider using Lookout instead to check on any downloaded application or even scan your phone from spyware and malicious software if you are a Windows 7, Google Android, or BlackBerry user. You need to thoroughly verify and think over and over again before opening a Multimedia Messaging Service file. There is also a product created for Windows Phone 7 and Google Android users called Mobile Defense which is a tool that matches the level consumer needs. Now to keep out the malicious software, many consumers still rely on App Store of Apple Macintosh’s rules and regulations due to a reason that iOperating System’s unavailability of antivirus apps. These people still consider the speed and scale at which apps are approved after submitting it. Well, we must accept that most of the time human errors afloat. The Trend Smart Surfing app is the one usable on iOperating System for impending attacks of phishing programs or malicious software to block their websites before their cyber invasion begins. For various inboxes, it makes sense to see more protection options.

·          Phone should be well-sheltered

If you work for Apple Macintosh, it should be given that your iPhone be not placed down on the bar to be safe from onlookers or those people with inward evil-intensions toward your phone. You need to open a bag where your iPhone can be seen easily and accessible right away or don’t just place your phone inside your pocket if you are in public places. Bear in mind that most incidence of phone robbery is happening on the street and we should take note about it.

Stay on site for the part 4.

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