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Safety Measures For Your Mobile Phone To Make It Secured: 4

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 13 Jan, 2011 23:13:46

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Here on this part, we will tackle about the value of your mobile phone security and the first combating technique to fight phone attackers. 

  • the value of your mobile phone security

Your mobile phone security is absolutely valuable just like your priceless jewelry, you have to make sure that each time your eyes and all of your other senses are involved to safeguard your precious gadget. It is also based on the individual company, or the individual users the extent on how they would protect their belongings. Remember that it is not always easy to detect and keep track the incoming mobile security risks you may have along the way. There are various treats which can possibly linger down the road that you may not be aware of. These are ranging from as high as apps coming from third parties or computer viruses, Trojan horses, malicious software down to as simple as your ordinary e-mail messages when someone got hold of it.

Now, you will learn some pointers on using the tools, tricks, and tips to fight the most common mobile phone security hazards.

·          first combating technique 

When you are not using your mobile phone, make sure to put it to time out or lock your phone with a corresponding password so you can activate your handset whenever you need to and this is the common function followed by all of the prime mobile phone OSs. It is very sure that you like to setup a password which is unique and only you can remember it for you are always on hook with your mobile phone. You may never use passwords that link to your social security, an easy order numbers like 5678, or even as simply as your name.

On different Operating Systems, there are ways to find settings on time-out which are as follows:

  • The good news is now you can setup a longer password using version 4 of iOperating System. You may choose General, Passcode Lock after opening the Settings application. The option for the Auto-Lock which is the time-out control mechanism is just above Passcode.
  • For users of Windows 7 phone, you may select Lock and Wallpaper after Settings opening. You may do screen time-out setting, and likewise you may create or modify the password from that screen location.
  • Now with the Operating System version 2.2 of Google Android, passwords and Personal Identification Number is being supported. You may press Menu, Settings, Location & Security from the home screen, and below Screen Unlock you’ll find many choices for password setting. You may click Display after going back to the menu of Settings for screen time-out setting.
  • You may click Options, Security Options, General Settings from the home screen of BlackBerry. You can now set the options of the security time-out, password setting or modification, and password enabling options.

We will continue our discussion with the second combating technique on the fifth part of our article.

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