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Safety Measures For Your Mobile Phone To Make It Secured: 5

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 14 Jan, 2011 14:12:38

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At this point, we are going to conclude our discussion about the safety measures for your mobile phone to make it secured with the second combat technique.

·         second combat technique 

The level of security at your establishment is the very thing to consider when you are to protect your mobile phone and from it you can formulate steps to apply for the realization of your goals. The least requirement that Information Technology departments seek in general is for you to remote wipe your handset with a corresponding password for protection purposes. The process of remote wiping your mobile phone is that even if you no longer have access to your phone because it was stolen or lost, you can still have control over your documents, text messages, contacts, and even electronic mail messages and you can simply wipe them altogether off of your stolen or lost handset for your data security and information protection. With this process, you can guarantee yourself that those confidential things you need to secure will be safe. 

For any of the leading Operating Systems, you can work together with your Information Technology department to set this feature up, and given that you have an Exchange account, for remote wiping your gadget, you may also use Microsoft Corporation’s Exchange. Now, more simple options are available for those people without Information Technology departments or Exchange accounts.

  • You may simply download the application called Find My Phone from the App Store, and in the Settings app you can enable it in MobileMe that is if you are using version 4.2 or greater of the iOperating System for your mobile phone because the remote wiping features of iPhone is a little catchy. You may log in with the use of MobileMe through the web address of Apple Macintosh for tracking, message displaying, or remote wiping if for any reason you lost your phone or it was stolen. You may need to have a MobileMe membership with pay that goes annually if you have an iOperating System which is an older version. After you activate the functions by going to Settings, Mail selection, Contacts, Calendars, you may click Enable Push after clicking Fetch New Data. Choose your Mobile account after returning to the Mail, Contacts, and Calendar screen.
  • You may find various marvelous third-party apps that permit you to remote wiping your gadget if you are favorable enough to have an Operating System which is only suitable for Windows 7, Google Android, and BlackBerry. One good example of software that works to wipe your device using the internet as well as allow tracking a stolen or lost gadget through Global Positioning System, over the air data backing up, and virus scanning at the same time is called Look Mobile Security. For you to take advantage of the remote wiping feature of this software, you have to pay a certain amount like in a membership for a month or a year which is what they call Premium account, but if you like to have the basic features, it’s free of charge. All large manufacturers who are selling management systems to companies on various-mobile-gadget are the ones you’ll be encountering in the security-app arena.

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