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Share your Internet Connection using Ad hoc wireless networking

by: Ryan Elvin O. De Guzman | 04 Feb, 2010 09:28:09

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Do you have an internet connection and want it to share to another computer at home? Let us first define what's an Ad hoc means. I'll try not to use technical terms so it's not hard for you to imagine what I'm trying to explain here. An Ad hoc simply refers to a wireless mode which turns your wi-fi enabled computer into a wireless router-like radio signal. This enables you to establish a PC to PC wireless connection, sounds interesting? I've tried configuring this myself, so that my friend and I can simultaneously use my internet connection.

Okay, let's dig it to a broader explanation. A wi-fi enabled computer have the ability to detect a wireless access point radio signals depending on its range of capacity, they called this infrastructure mode. This mode allows your computer to communicate to a wireless access points such us wireless router that can be found in some coffee shops and famous shopping malls. Your PC can detect this signal, and thus the ability for you to discover and connect to them using an encrypted format of radio signal. Now we're going to make your wireless adapter works like a wireless router.

Here are the step by step instructions on how to set this up using Windows 7. You need to configure your network adapters first.

  1. Open up your Control Panel.
  2. Inside the Control Panel, find and click on Network and Sharing Center.
  3. On the Network and Sharing Center, you'll see a left pane beside it, click on Change adapter settings.
  4. On the next window that appears, you'll see a bunch of network adapters. You should choose to configure the adapter that was used to connect to your internet. In this example, I am using my LAN adapter to connect to the internet, now right-mouse-click on your Local Area Connection and choose properties.
  5. On the Local Area Connection Window click on sharing tab.
    Inside the Sharing Tab, click on the box that says "Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet connection".  This will allow the computer to share your internet connection while the other computer is connected to your wireless adapter.
  6. After clicking on it, the second box becomes enabled, allowing you to choose whether you want the other users to control or disable your shared Internet connection.
  7. Click Ok to confirm and exit the window.
    Go back to Network and Sharing Center. This time choose Manage wireless connections from the left pane.
  8. On the next window you'll find the "add" button located at the upper left. Just click on it to add a new network.
  9. After clicking the "add" button, a popup window will show up. The computer now asks you "how do you want to add network?" There are two choices here, just click on "Create an ad hoc network".
  10. On the next page, click next. This time, you should give your network a name, for instance, I use "sample network".
  11. For the security type, click on drop-down menu and then click on "no authentication (Open)" for none encryption. Note: I found out that if you're using an encryption key, the wireless adapter is having trouble gathering the proper IP address. This is just to show you that internet connection sharing works. If you feel that you're going to have a security problems try enabling this and see if it works for you.
  12. Click next to continue. Wait until it's done creating the profile.
    When it's done, your computer now is visible to the other wi-fi enabled computer.
  13. Now go to the other computer that is wi-fi enabled and then try searching for "sample network" we have created. If your computer finds it then try to connect and see if it will work.
    When it's done connecting your computer, you're now ready to connect to the internet.

Ready to start but still confused? Try not to because if you could able to make this work, you'll be amazed. In case you're having trouble and can't configure everything, just read the steps again.

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