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Shutdown And Startup Errors Coping Up Techniques

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 16 Mar, 2011 11:49:00

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You are not far from errors and inaccuracies even when you shutdown and startup your system, like for example, the Dynamic-Link Library error which arise through Application Programming Interface connectivity of the software of a mobile phone manufacturer; the Dynamic-Link Library error arise from generic type of process; and the one arise from an audio driver of a telecommunication company.

You may need to do the necessary action to prevent future incidents of inaccuracies and errors, because you may never know when it would hit you. With this article, you’ll be oriented with some of the techniques which are simple to do from the comforts of your home for errors and inaccuracies prevention to lock security on your system. Here are these:

  • Missing files download and replacement –A method to acquire from the internet the missing files of Dynamic-Link Library is slightly dangerous but effective. You may not find files of Dynamic-Link Library on cyberspace, but on the contrary, you can search for almost everything from it. You may glue to the folder that is required the lacking file for Dynamic-Link Library which is all you need to perform.

    You must be precautious on the other hand. You need to be sure of the Dynamic-Link Library file you’re downloading is a version that matched your system requirements and the probability of codes which are malicious is not present. For an assurance that you’ll be away from impending system catastrophes, you may download files only from reputable repository of files, and the version of Dynamic-Link Library you are about to use is backed up by software manufacturer.

    You may also do duplication of the files that were missing from a different computer that has similar configuration as yours which is another time-tested and better solution.
  • Updating the driver–For device drivers to function somehow, most PC users have difficulties in configuration and installation tasks. People usually put into oblivion about the drivers as soon as the configuration is completed.

    You will encounter all types of issues as the drivers depreciate, because it will act in contrast with files of Dynamic-Link Library and the latest hardware. For updating and maintaining your system drivers with ease and avoid conflicts, you may need to buy an updated tool for your driver with good-quality from a third party. For regular updates of the driver and installation if new version is available, the tool is able to link to the internet to check the options.
  • Registry cleaning –Keep in mind that the large figure of database that stores information about every application and process is through registry which is one of Windows system’s most essential tools. On the other hand, as time passes, there are a lot of weak and out-of-date values of data being stored in registry which gradually contributes to the disintegration of application and the system, that’s the time when the whole system needs a better way of management. For you to maintain your registry’s perfect function you need to follow the instructions stated to make it work as it should be. As a supplemental help for registry maintenance, you need to have a tool for cleaning your registry and your commitment is a must. To make sure that everything is on the right track, you need to use the power of your mouse clicks for registry troubleshooting and scanning tasks. You will see the transparency of diminishing system error and the performance of the system will increase otherwise granting that you only get the software downloads from a trustworthy manufacturer.

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