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Sound Rules For Your PC

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 19 Jan, 2011 14:40:08

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  • It takes time to learn anything like how to secure your personal computer system. So you better not force yourself to learn everything.
  • You need to get and utilize a program for antivirus which is certified. In purchasing antivirus software, you need to verify the track record of the product if it is constantly working on the needs of the user. You need to take note of the independent antivirus software testers which are most reputable like TuV,, and Checkmark.
  • A firewall solution should be obtained which are only trustworthy. The best choice is reviewers who are reasonable and independent. A firewall that comes with some OS is only focused on filtering traffic which is incoming. For cyber traffic which is either outgoing or incoming, you may use a single firewall which is able to manipulate both ways.
  • You may not put your trust or confidence for electronic mails which are coming from mysterious and unrecognized organizations or associations. If any suspicion arises, you may ask the e-mail sender to send confirmation because there are many viruses roam through electronic mail messages.
  • For those message attachments you received with unpredicted or mysterious subject title, you may not bother opening it without prior orientation about its contents. You may scan these file attachments with antivirus software which is updated after saving them to your hard disk, the process you need to do before opening the mysterious message attachment.
  • For those messages you received which are unexpected or electronic chain mails, the best option to do is to delete them. You may ignore or block those senders who sent the e-mail or don’t resend it to another person. These messages may be classified as unsolicited and unwanted which makes the web traffic overloaded and may be considered as a spam mail.
  • You may need to avoid strange applications and services installation like file sharing servers, distant servers for desktop, and file transferring which will be irrelevant and unnecessary for daily activities on your desktop. You may need not to install programs which seem to be not needed; otherwise it might cause serious damages.
  • As often as you would like, you may update your applications and the whole of your PC system. For an instant updating, you may set some of your applications, OS and the facility should be well utilized. You may be susceptible to various computer hazards if you neglect to fix your systems issues as soon as it occurs in real time.
  • If you don’t trust the source and the origin from where it comes from, you need not to copy any file. You have to make sure that the antivirus software has verified the files at their source after checking the provenance of the downloaded files.
  • On a regular basis, you may need to backup your personal files which you think has importance such as photos, records, and electronic mail exchanges. You may use Digital Versatile Disc or Compact Disk which are removable media to store your backup copies. You may need to have another place for your archive files different from that of your PCs.

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