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Temporary Internet Files Preventive Measures

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 03 Mar, 2011 14:57:58

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When you talk about cookies, images, Websites, text, videos, and many others, you may be referring to the Internet files that are temporary and being stored in your hard drive which purpose is to make your surfing time faster. Your hard disk will have your other files, images, and media files downloaded through your browser when you visit a page.

Afterwards, a template for a specific Website will be created including all data that is used most of the time and if your browser stored some of the data when other pages of the site loads faster while you are surfing. The only thing to be anxious about is the space it is taking on your hard disk that is its negative effect.

You need to clean the contents of the folder where your Internet files are being stored more often for maintenance purposes. By going to Documents and Settings>Username>Local Settings directory, you can find the folder of your Internet files. The login name you have should replace your Username then you may go your way finding the folder of temporary internet files and the contents should be viewed where most of the things you will see are other files of media like videos, media player3, and the like; style sheets, and images. You may send your selected folder contents to the recycle bin after manually choosing them. Through the top menu of your browser, the internet files that are of temporary setting can be cleaned otherwise. You may go to Tools>Internet>Options or Start>Control Panel>Internet Options in the Internet Explorer.

Now, for content cleaning, when you go in the tab for General, you may choose Delete Files after searching for the Internet files that is temporary, and then what will appear is a message of confirmation. When you’re done, you may just click OK. You may clear the history of your browser through clicking Clear History, or Delete Cookies should be clicked for the folder of cookies be cleared which are the other options available on the same tab.

On the other hand, cache is replacing Internet files that are temporary when you use the Mozilla Firefox browser. You may click the tab for Privacy after going to Options for your browser’s cache to be cleaned because from that point all means of maintenance can be done where you can qualify how long you want the Firefox browser keep your visited pages after deletion of all cache files as well as cleaning your browser’s history and your cookies.

Once more if you are using Firefox when you are cleaning your cache or Internet files that are temporary, the tab for Privacy should be clicked after going to Tools>Options and under the section for Private Data, Clear Now should be clicked. When you’re done, just click OK.

Meanwhile, for the files that are temporary stored, Internet cache is the term used by Netscape to identify it. You will see a new window will pop up after going to Edit>Preferences. Through clicking on Clear History, your browser’s history can be cleaned. On the left menu, you may click on the Advanced tab to clean the Internet cache of Netscape. The sub-tab of Cache should be clicked on, and then on your right, new settings will be visible. On the right, Clear Disk Cache should be clicked for cleaning your Internet files that are temporary, and then appears a popup message of confirmation. When everything is set you may click OK. 

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