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The Best Monetary Management Through The Use Of The Internet: Series 1

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 11 Jan, 2011 15:26:15

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It is easy to say that in this New Year you are going to save more money through budgeting and cross-cutting expenses to prevent money shortage, but have you thought of materializing what you are planning to do financially in the first place?

Now, to do your positive financial plans you need to have some sort of fundamental monetary practices which leads to financial prosperity and freedom which all comes through discipline in spending. You have to follow certain rules to materialize your plans for the best monetary management you can establish and that’s through the use of the internet.

Nowadays, there’s no easy way to transact to financial institutions and banks other than through the use of online means by categorizing and downloading transaction data. The key to gauge where your money is being placed is through categorizing your transactions for the fact that it involves spending limitation setting for several expenses types for all budgets.

However, budgeting through the internet depends on the tools provided to set it up and it will be the ways which monetary data can be presented. Of course, you are not in front of your computer all the time, that’s why there are mobile applications, and personal details like: income, location, and other pertinent data which is included with the spending representation on the latest features.

In these articles series, we will give focus on the performance of five famous cyber-based monetary management services which are; Thrive, MoneyStrands, Buxfer, Bundle, and Mint.

·          Thrive

The internet’s monetary management tool based on historical data which can be used to send e-mail alerts regarding spending targets although it has no special mobile features, and it also has pie chart which you can use to change spending allocations for your savings, voluntary purchases, bill expenses, and is handy is called Thrive. On the contrary, Thrive has no mobile features so you can’t use the service on your smartphones. 

·          MoneyStrands

Next in line is an internet monetary management tool that has widgets collection which includes a module for budget that proposed limitations on expenses according on data downloads on the history from your accounts online is called MoneyStrands. The comprehensiveness and conciseness of categorizing transactions is what make this tool functions usefully. However, e-mail alerts are what Moneystrands issues. Whenever Moneystrands notices that there are things which it considers to be transactions coming from unknown sources or illegal by default, the program will send you a prompt message right away. On the other hand, for the alerts to be lesser abundant and become more realistic, you may do alert editing. But good news for mobile phone users, you can now have that option to gauge yourself how well you stand financially in meeting your goals for budgeting with MoneyStrands high caliber mobile edition. 

We will continue our discussion as we set for the next series of this article. Please remain on the site.

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