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The Best Monetary Management Through The Use Of The Internet: Series 2

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 11 Jan, 2011 18:56:23

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This series tackles about Buxfer and Bundle. 

·          Buxfer

Another relatively new service as an internet monetary management tool is called Buxfer, which perfectly matched the robust mobile support requirements of a computer expert. Buxfer’s ability to update your accounts through Short Messaging Service or text messages with the use of Twitter is one of its greater extraordinary qualities which make it a standout. For you to perform the mentioned process, your mobile device must be registered with Twitter, and likewise, a set of non-technical formats for the messages should be learned. 

Buxfer also allows reporting of income or transfers or budget targets control status, as well as checking balances on your account. You are required to setup your own e-mail address within the Buxfer’s website so you may have something to use when you need to send the formatted messages that is if you prefer not to be charged for the text messages. The best part is that smartphones such as BlackBerry and iPhone are provided a mobile site through the use of Buxfer. You can assign several transaction classifications because Buxfer has a utility called “Tags”. 

On the other hand, during income tax filing period, this service might give some confusion even though it is said to be useful. It is a good thing that you can regulate your tags on the transactions you have recurring after editing the tags that were instantly created by Buxfer. Now, for money transferring purposes between roommates, organizations, associations, or simply friends, there is an unusual social networking features offered by Buxfer, provided that your peers or associates also have an account. 

For you to solve future monetary management issues, you may also install the free version of Buxfer which is also one of the add-ons of Firefox through Firebux. For more information and supplemental facts about uxfer, you may visit its website. 

·          Bundle

The internet monetary management tool which involves showing demographic data, recent expenses analysis and combination of several other features which mainly focuses on budgeting and financial status is called Bundle which is a newer service. For those things you want to create budgets to, you can do categorization from which adjustments can be done for matching purposes, and Bundle can indicate the outcome reference. Through categorization process of Bundle it showcases only high-caliber classifications and if you want to see sub-classifications, the system also displays it. 

On the other hand, an app for Bundle which in real time can help you screen lavish spending and created for sharing with your friends your activities via Facebook other than to serve as a total manager of cash is iPhone ViceTracker which is Bundle’s mobile part. For you to view the transactions, you may click the bouncing colored bubbles as shown to display expenses by classification which is part of both app and site of Bundle’s graphics. 

We will continue our discussion in our article’s third series focusing about Mint.

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