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The Best Thing To Do To Reinstall Windows And Recover Corrupted Files

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 10 Dec, 2010 18:47:13

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What will you do if nothing seems to be the way it was when you last install a free firewall, or Windows crawling like a snail, and other programs look like it’s not going to work the way you want it? The worst comes to worst when the System Restore option, anti malicious ware programs, and cleanup tools are all busted. You might be thinking of a solution that can recover all lost files and help restore your system back the way you like it to be. There is only one solution for you to do that really works and can put back your system to its normal condition. You need to start from the top like you did after reinstalling Windows program. Luckily, there are few several steps available for you to follow to get things done in the proper way and not to compromise your PC and your files as well.

The first thing you need to get handy is the tool for recovery which can be accessed through your hard drive’s hidden partition which consists of important information in restoring back the hard drive into its original state. However, if you have a downgraded personal computer, you may use several DVDs or CDs as tools for recovery. You may find the discs which you bought along with your personal computer and examine if all of it is still working. The manual of your PC can also be used as a guide for retrieving information on what type of tool for recovery your machine needed, the access information, and the status whether it’s on a partition or not.

On the other hand if you have upgraded the operating system of your personal computer, like for instance from Windows XP to a later Windows version, you may utilize the guidelines available from the disc you used to upgrade the operating system to find information about the tool for recovery. If for any reason a recovery disc is not available for the moment and your personal computer got no hidden partition or there’s no other way for you to have an access for it, you may get in touch with the machine manufacturer to ask for further assistance.

As mentioned earlier, after reinstalling your Windows operating system, you have to do the same with all the programs you lost when the system got corrupted. The best thing to do is to gather necessary information such as the license numbers, and also collect your downloaded files for installation purposes or collect all original discs. You may also have to have handy an empty external hard drive with a capacity as your hard drive itself. For backup purposes, you may also have to have another external hard drive which is not totally empty in case you would need it. Another thing you need to have is the ample time you may spend in reinstalling files and reprogramming your system.

The last thing to do is to have complete information on reinstalling and setting up Windows, and backing up and restoring your data from available sources.

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