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The Birth of Microsoft

by: Melissa Reyes | 25 Aug, 2010 21:06:07

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Initially, when the first computer was developed, it already claimed the far-reaching development year in and year out. Besides, it has been expected the tremendous competition in the marketplace. Various inventors had been improving the work of computers by adding significant breakthrough to their new discoveries.

When the INTEL came into the scene, it contributed massive innovation of the rapid growing and explosion of computers not only in bank industry but also in homes. It brought out the RAM chip which was claimed to be the first microprocessor which designed to modernize computers. Though it cost much, other machines such as Apple I and II, Scelbi, Mark-8 Altair, TRS-80, and IBM 5100, began to be useful for most consumers and utilized at homes. But the most significant event for the breakthrough of computer was when the VisiCalc Spreadsheet developed in 1979. This marked the most meaningful discovery in the history of computers. Later the WordStar which had been commonly used at homes was successfully emerged for word processing to be used in everyday living.

The IBM didn’t stop but rather revolutionized the spread of computer in the market in early 1981 when another gigantic invention was born in the name of Microsoft using the MS-Dos as OS or operating system.  In the early 1980’s began the breathe-taking competition of the Microsoft and Apple Lisa for the modernization of computers. Apple Lisa was the first computer contained GUI or Graphical User Interface which attracted other consumers and made the text-based programs outdated. In the mid-1980’s, Microsoft dominated other markets with Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office for office suit.

In spite of the constant change as well as alterations, Apple and Microsoft remained rivals until the microcomputers were finally developed.

This was the start when computers became the part of our life and continued evolving not only at homes or personal computers but also in every business used indispensably.

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