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The Importance of Having Updated Device Drivers for your Computer

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 29 Jul, 2011 21:42:40

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In computers, a device driver is used for a certain device for it to work.  There are devices that supports plug and play like the mouse, keyboard and some web cams but most devices really requires drivers for it to function well. In this article, I’ll be discussing about the importance of having updated device drivers.

Errors / Bugs – Having an outdated driver is not good for your computer because it can cause unwanted errors which can cause your computer to freeze or slow down. It can also be possible that your outdated driver still has bugs or glitches. If you’ll be updating your drivers, it could be minimized.

Blue screen of death – This is the worst that might happen to your computer. If your computer doesn’t support outdated drivers, it could cause your system to crash. This blue screen would appear again and again. If you’ll be experiencing this kind of problem, you have two options, first is to update your device and second is to remove the device that is source of crash. If problems still occur after removing the device, hold the F8 button right after turning on your computer then choose the “last know good configuration” option. This is to make sure that your computer will go back to its working state.

Performance – With updated drivers, it is possible that your computer would perform better than before. If you think that your computer is slower than usual, updating your device drivers might do the trick.

Many computer users don’t care if their drivers are updated or not because they are not aware of possible problems that may arise. If you’ll be asking me on how to update your drivers, it depends on the way you want it. If you have a branded computer, there might already be a built in program that automatically scans your drivers for updates. It there would be any updates, the program will inform you. If you have a generic computer, you can download a program that scans your computer for updated drivers. If ever you want to do it manually, you can look for driver updates by searching the model of your device. This way, you’ll be the one to download it manually and you’ll also be the one to install it.

Having updated drivers would help your computer in a lot of ways. You may not realize it until you’ve done it. It won’t take too much of your time to update your drivers. I really advise you to always make sure that your drivers are updated to make sure that your computer would perform at its bests and also to avoid errors.

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what happen if the software can't run.....what is the best way .....


If the software cant run. nothing will happen of course.

THe best way is to find a software that will run

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