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The importance of updating your windows

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 31 Oct, 2011 18:59:14

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Windows update is a feature from Microsoft which enables you to receive new updates or patches from them. Your computer might be working fine without any updates but it is really advisable to use this feature once in a while. To understand it well, I’ll be explaining why it is important.

Bug Fixes – If you’re experiencing any bugs, updating your computer might do the trick. This is common especially if the Windows that you are using is new or still on beta version. You will experience a lot of bugs for sure. For those who are familiar with “Vista”, this OS contained many bugs back then. I remembered a bug from vista where the process at the task manager is almost 100% even with just few programs running. So if you’ll be experiencing some weird things on your computer, try to update it.

Security Updates – This is one of the most important reason why you need to update your computer. Most of you might already be aware that hackers are almost everywhere and that’s why Microsoft is doing its best to protect our. This also includes updates to for viruses or malwares.

Hardware updates – Some of you might already experienced BSOD or blue screen of death. The said problem is normally caused by outdated drivers. If Windows detected that your hardware is outdated, it will search for an update driver for you. This could eliminate your BSOD problem or even make your computer run faster. Sometimes, a computer could slow down especially when you’re not using the latest drivers.

Having an updated operating system is really important. This could eliminate problems and slow downs. If you want to make sure that your computer is on its top shape, make sure to update it regularly.

To receive updates, you must have a genuine copy of Windows. If you are just using a pirated version, you might not receive updates at all because it can be detected by Microsoft or you can just receive specific updates which would not be enough for your computer. I’ve already used different kinds of pirated Microsoft OS’s but believe me, there is nothing better than the original. This could also prevent you from any kinds of problems. If you are using your computer then Microsoft detected a pirated version of Windows, there is this big chance that you couldn’t log on anymore after you restart your computer. This could be a big problem especially if you’re doing something important. So again, always use genuine products to avoid problems.

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