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The newest operating system of microsoft, the Windows 7

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 13 Dec, 2010 10:18:57

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      Windows 7 is the newest operating system that was developed by Microsoft. But most of us are  not aware that windows 7 is originally planned to be the successor of Windows Xp and Windows 2003 server and it was also codenamed “Blackcomb”. The development of Blackcomb was delayed due to the minor release of “Longhorn” also known as Windows Vista. Longhorn acquired some of the features that were originally built for Blackcomb. Early 2006, the codename Blackcomb was renamed codename Vienna and then after a year, it was decided to be called Windows 7.The operating system named “Windows 7” was formally announced in 2008.

      As they say, Windows 7 is a combination of both the Windows Xp and Vista. The efficiency was of Xp while the graphics is almost the same with vista. Windows 7 was released both 32 and 64 bit versions. The Windows 7 Beta 32-bit version was leaked via torrent late 2008 while the 64-bit version was leaked early 2009. The official release of the Beta version was planned on January 9, 2009 but the download was delayed but the download limit was extended to February 24, 2009. The RC version expired June 1, 2010 and started shutting down starting March 2010. Windows 7 was officially released on July 22, 200 together with Windows server 2008 R2.

     As far as I know, windows 7 have better security compared to the two. Bugs are really normal specially when the OS is new but it can be repaired by using the updating unlike Vista that contained many bugs even though it released certain updates already. The most common vista bug that I’ve encountered is the problem on its process which can reach 100% instantly without opening applications which I believe is not a problem on windows 7. I’ve been using windows 7 already and I can safely tell that it’s way better than the said windows vista.

     Nowadays, clients using Xp and Vista are migrating to Windows 7 but unfortunately, windows xp users and some versions of vista can’t upgrade easily to windows 7. They need to backup all their files first then perform a clean installation then reinstall their programs and settings.

     If you are a windows Xp user that wants to upgrade to Windows 7, you must check this.

     If you are a windows Vista user that wants to upgrade to Windows 7, you must check this.

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