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The Tool To Improve Your Wireless Connection

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 02 Jan, 2011 21:37:55

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If until this time you are finding ways and means to improve connectivity by using wireless gadgets, well, your search is over because you can now avoid experiencing slow data loading, choppy and dropped calls with the new Micro Cell 3G. This would be an almost reliable service experience that you could ever have and it lessens the hassles you have had when you were using a traditional old service. Now, with the help of Micro Cell 3G, the nightmare of dropped calls and blurry connections will be a thing of the past. 

This tool works like you’re having your own small mobile site which links to a cellular network by VOIP through broadband service which is wired, and the unit is a trimmed box about a size of a PlayStation in white and orange. This gadget is compatible with AT&T phones with 3G features, so you can provide more than 9 numbers, and by using it you no longer have to worry about people walking by and your surrounding neighbors. You may play it after plugging the device as soon as you’re done with its registration. 

Through using an Ethernet wire, you may plug the tool to your router, and wait for an hour and half after you’re done with its network registration and acquiring lock code for its Global Positioning System from a satellite. The best part which makes the Micro Cell 3G unique is it can support antennas for Global Positioning System externally when you have difficulties having a connection through GPS and because it’s a standard industry connector, if you will be using antennas borrowed from a third-party that will also be functioning. You can do the process if you place your Micro Cell 3G to a window closer to a main spot. 

However, you can only buy this gadget from an electronic store which only sells AT&T products and devices notwithstanding the fact that a technical and purchasing assistance may also be available using its official website or through a local phone customer service agent of the manufacturer. 

On the other hand, there is a negative side on using the Micro Cell 3G because it also has lapses. You may need to do occasional rebooting tasks which is one of its flaws and all other technical malfunction scenarios and its remedies would be available through reading the guide book that comes with Micro Cell 3G so you’ll have first hand information on how to cope up with the tool’s shortcomings. 

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