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Tips To Do For Checking Your Web PC Connectivity

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 25 Jan, 2011 22:53:57

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It’s annoying to think that sometimes when you are to browse the web and you want to get your connection established right away but you are experiencing a lot of difficulties to get through, chances are, one of the tools might have issues; whether the problem is brought about by your PC or otherwise your web connectivity. On the other hand, maybe the router has its issues itself. For you to trace the source of the problem and to find out the right solution, you may consult the assistance of the command line.


  • Local addresses finding – IPCONFIG utilization option

For you to know the Internet Protocol address, you may use IPCONFIG, which stands for Internet Protocol Configuration. This will exhibit both the address of gateway or router and the numerical address assigned to your PC. The subnet mask will also be shown by the IPCONFIG. You must remember that most of the time you will have the same subnet mask displayed and you need not to put your concentration on it.

Before you get into bigger issues and troubles, you may jot down the data shown after using IPCONFIG to know your router’s Internet Protocol address.

  • Connections testing – PING command option utilization

For network management, Microsoft Windows comes with significant tools of command-line set. All well-known OSs of Windows includes PING which is a classic command vital for web connections and network checking.

The time of response is measured after PING sends out packet which is the signal name and four times it has to be done. A signal is in good faith returned by the target. In the command line for instance, you may enter PING <domain> for pinging a website. On the contrary, not all websites may accept pings, like in the case of the internet address of Microsoft Corporation. You must keep in mind not to use for pinging – www or http, just the name of the domain will do.

You will know the sign when you are rightfully connected to the Web, if the website you are pinging responds. By doing the task of pinging process on your local Internet Protocol address designated to the gateway or router, you can verify if you are connected to your network used locally when you still have no response. The local gateway address of the Internet Protocol will be a group of similar numbers if you have a router. In the command line you may enter PING <default gateway numbers>. Your router may not be functioning well or not working at all or you are not connected to the local network if that don’t work. 

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