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Top Internet Services And Applications Free Of Charge: Electronic Mail and Cyberspace Web

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 03 Feb, 2011 23:09:46

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Web Search

Now when it comes to web searching, you may choose to get the service of Open Directory Project, Google Directory, or Google Search. If you like to categorically do web content searching which is maintained by editor volunteers’ community, use Open Directory Project, otherwise Google Directory sorts the directory by demand from DMOZ or Mozilla Directory or which is called Open Directory Project. On the other hand, if you like to use the well-searched web engine with search options for features like forums, updates, news, images, books, blogs, videos, and the like, Google Search is the one you’re looking for.

Web Reader / Page Editor

Talking about free online web reader and page editor, you may rely on the services named Readability and PrintWhatYouLike. If you like a tool which is simple for reading a particular web article more exciting and prints them without any hassles, then Readability is the one you need because with this you can set the margin, size, and style you preferred before adding the Readability bookmarklet. You may click the bookmarklet after obtaining what you setup when you’re done visiting a webpage. Meanwhile, if you like to have an online editor of webpage which is free of charge that allows quick removal of webpage background or images, click and add your preferred frames or boxes, modify the size after isolating it, modify the size and type of font, match your selection to the width of the page, save in formats of Hypertext Markup Language or Portable Document Format after edit undoing or redoing, PrintWhatYouLike is the best bet.

Web Mail

For the web mail category you have 3 options to choose from like LetterMeLater, GMX Mail, and GMail. If you are looking for free online web mail service which comes with a feature that cannot be found from other electronic mail service that allows email composing and send it in the future with time and date setup, otherwise have it sent for several times in your selected interval or in a range you chose, LetterMeLater is the one you’re looking for. On the other hand, if you like to send and read electronic mails from your several email accounts in one location, which setting up is simple and you don’t have to go through different complex setups for servers of both outgoing and incoming mails, and comes complete with Mail Collector, GMX Mail is preferable. If you are looking for features which has thread view and a search-base platform, lets you email clients using an email account similar to that of Windows Outlook for mail server access and backs up standard protocols of the internet, with EXE files filter, attachments with 25 megabytes capacity, and free storage space of 7.4 megabytes, then GMail service is the right one for you.

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