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Top Internet Services And Applications Free Of Charge: Leisure Applications B

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 30 Jan, 2011 21:40:01

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(This is the second cut of the article series about – Leisure Applications.)

In this part, we are going to discuss the second set of free online games. This article will give focus on the following: Friv Free Online PC game, Sandbox Free, Backgammon Free, Sudoku Free, Free Go games, Match-3 Puzzle Free, and Online Chess Free.

Again, we are going to tackle each game individually so that you will get the full grasp of what you can expect and the features they offer.

First, let’s get into the game called Friv Free Online PC game. This represents top 250 free personal computer games online all in a single place which has a full-screen of minute (my-newt) screen shots of different genres with the most famous ones in hand time after time.

Second, is about a Sandbox Free online game called Powder Game. This is an amusing leisure application from Dan-Ball’s where you can have more than 30 various ingredients to make exciting stuff and perform Oil, Wind, Stone, Fire, Powder, Water, Ice, Magma, Fan, or rare objects such as chemical games.

Third one would be regarding Motif, one of the top Backgammon free online games which allow you to play backgammon versus a respective engine of a computer through a platform with two-dimensional function as well as good documentation.

Fourth is about Sudoku Free Online DKM which is like any downloaded edition of Sudoku, wherein DKM is almost as completely-featured like the former. When you play this free online game, you may proceed to Menu to make a new puzzle in any of 4 stages that is after clicking Play Now.  In pencil mode, you may let it perform scanning or go through manual values of cells.

Fifth is regarding Free Go games featuring With this free online game, you can play versus the online engine for GNU-GO with 3 sizes of different tables to select from and adjusting the power of the engine is possible. For starters, you have a chance to challenge a PC which is online to play an easy version of Capture Go free internet game.

Sixth is about Match-3 Puzzle Free presenting the free online game of Rome Cradle which for those puzzle enthusiasts, this would be a spine-tingling roadway to triumphant winning. The mechanics of playing this free online game is to overcome a hundred plus habit-forming and specially designed game stages through Empire of Old Roman World by heart creation.

Last one is Online Chess Free which has two categories for you to choose from including – ChessWiz and Little Chess Partner. For ChessWiz free online game, the system will let you login as visitor or if you already have an account you may enter a username before joining a table to look on or with live players you can do Xiangqi game. is the one who offers this Chinese chess web client called ChessWiz. On the other hand, the website is hosting Little Chess Partner which provides an energetic game versus your PC in a favorable platform with a setup which can be adjusted as well.

(We will start another topic under this articlePersonal Web Safety, coming up.)

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