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Top Internet Services And Applications Free Of Charge: Multimedia A

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 31 Jan, 2011 23:26:56

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(This part will be generally focused on all options regarding the first sets of Multimedia.)

Our discussion will be centered on all forms of Multimedia applications available online which are free of charge. This article will tackle about the first 6 topics namely – Top Free Comic Maker, Top Free Finder of Scales and Chords, Top Free Music Recognition App, Top Free Cutter of MP3, Top Free Viewer of Television Online, and Top Free Search Engine for Music.

The first one is about Top Free Comic Maker – Bitstrips where you can make your own comic strips and cartoon characters with the use of items that go together in builders dragging and dropping with a little openness in what you are capable of doing such as sections for animation, body movements, facial expressions, and many more.

Second is regarding Top Free Finder of Scales and Chords – Chord House which is a sharp tool for music and medium used for chords finding, guidance and ranges when you use a sequencer or play piano or guitar. You can play or hear the music on a live mode and for future uses, you can also download it.

Next is centered on Top Free Music Recognition App – Midomi and If you want to use a revolutionary way to search on the lost tune which title you didn’t memorize, all you have to do is to whistle, sing, or hum the melody of the song and the rest will be handled by Midomi to find the exact title of the song. On the other hand, if you want to use a free online multimedia app which can assist you for easy identifying of music pieces which are unknown, you may perform an audio fragment upload and based on the fingerprint of the sound the tag will be obtained from title of the album, name of the artist, and title of the track from the online free application called

The fourth one is about Top Free Cutter of MP3 – which works as speedy as a flash without the need of uploading a file of an MP3 and another good thing to know is that it has unlimited file size capacity which is its outstanding feature.

Another free online app to watch for is Top Free Viewer of Television Online – Internet Television / TOMA. This is JLC internet television viewer’s browser-based version which allows watching programs on television from an information platform as big as 3,000 plus channels being updated and maintained by international communities regularly.

Next on line is about Top Free Search Engine for Music – BeeMP3 which assist you in finding an audio file with MP3 extension name over the Web. The crawler adds more files with service agreement on a regular basis after finding it for you.

(Up next are the last six options on Multimedia – B.)

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