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Top Internet Services And Applications Free Of Charge: Programming

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 03 Feb, 2011 20:03:27

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Color Picker

You can now use a simple free online color picker with features like color picking through marker dragging, Cascading Style Sheet –generated button clicking, and codes of Cascading Style Sheet and Hex copy-ready to clipboard functionality, as well as theme making and comparing another after you’re done locking the color of your choice, Color (in) HTML is the preferred choice.

In attaining several codes of color instantly when you perform color choosing task from the color square or vertical slider, ColorExplorer is the name to think about. This free online color picker is able to provide you choices to select colors from Libraries and save it to your pallet.

Formatter of Source Code

If you are looking for free online source code formatter that lets you do Extended or basic Hypertext Markup Language reformatting with highlighting of syntax or tags indentation the right way, and output saving in formats of rich text or plain, Beautifier of XHTML / HTML Webmaster Gate is the right solution for you.

For you to use a tool to format your source code quickly, before a function you can add comment, white spaces reduction, empty lines removal, or new lines adding along with programming languages support, Pretty Printer would be your friendly assistant.

Tools for Hypertext Markup Language

If you like to use tools which are able to assist you in web pages editing that includes text to Hypertext Markup Language or Word conversion to Hypertext Markup Language, Text Fixer is the preferred option.

Likewise, this free online tool can be used without line breaks for text copying and pasting coming from anywhere such as from and electronic mail, website, and many others is called Remove Line Breaks.

For you to take away from the code of Hypertext Markup Language styles and tags which are not important resulting from pasting into editors of What You See Is What You Get from Word, a functional free tool from the web is WordOff.

Editor for Hypertext Preprocessor

A free online and real-time code editor of Hypertext Preprocessor which allows the client side to perform unlimited undo and redo tasking, folding of code, highlighting of syntax, indentation, and completes with an explorer of File Transfer Protocol and different features like file permissions setup, projects using and many others is called PHPanywhere.


For you to upload code and text briefs with highlighting of syntax for sharing easily, you may choose to use a tool for pasting known as which was established nine years ago from the present year 2011. With this free online tool, one can setup your posts for both public and private access with more options to choose from within your given timeframe.

Debugger and Compiler

If you want to use a user-friendly tool available in programming languages of more than 40 for debugging and compilation, you may select the one you preferred, view the outcomes after pasting the source code you have, sharing and running it, Ideone is the one you are looking for.

Editor for Hypertext Markup Language

Now, you may use an easy and simple Online Editor of Hypertext Markup Language for editing codes of HTML in a provided box which is expanded and view another results on a real time with the help of closing and opening tags which can function on a single click.

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Electronic Mail and Cyberspace.)

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