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Troubleshooting Wireless Linksys Router for Residential Use

by: Ailene B. Misa | 15 Jan, 2010 04:17:47

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Most of the internet connections at home are already shared with different computer terminal. There are some which are shared through wired and wire less. As I mentioned in my previous article, router are very easy to operate. With its extreme functionality and its capability of providing automatic IP for your computer that is why it is commonly used nowadays.

The common brand for router is the Linksys. Due to its capability and affordability most of the consumer opts to have it. This brand is very visible in almost all computer shops.

Alright, so do you have any problem with your router at home? I will give you practical tips on how to troubleshoot your routers problem. You don't have to worry because it is very easy.

Let us say you have an existing Internet connection at home like broadband or DSL connection. Either of this connection you will be provided with a modem. Do I sound familiar? Try to inspect your network connection as we go along.

Let me remind you that this article will be focusing on wireless connection. Alright let us proceed.

Most of the common problems with wireless router are: your router cannot connect to the internet even it is properly connected to the modem, the computer terminals can connect to the router but do not have Internet access, or the computer cannot connect to the router. Ok let us try to troubleshoot these problems.

Follow the practical tips listed below:

1. Turn off your modem and your router for atleast a minute. Then turn it on.
2. Let us try to connect to another computer terminal connected to the router. If you can browse other terminal, it means that your network connection with the router is doing well. If not, try to double check your network connection; check if you are connected through wireless network. If things won't work, restart your computer.
3. Try to browse a web page. If the page will not appear, type on your browsers' address bar, and press Enter. Type the username and password is needed.
4. Double-check the router setting.
a. On your Linksys router utility, go to Setup tab. Re-type your username and password.
b. Go to Wireless tab. Replace the channel that is used by your router. Check the wireless access point of each computer terminal. If there will be either G or B, change the Radio Band to Standard 20 MHZ channel. S
c. Select Security Tab. Under Internet Filter, check Filter Anonymous Internet Requests and Filter IDENT (Port 113). Make sure that none of the items are checked expect these two. Select the VPN Pass through tab, make sure that all items under it are enabled.
d. Go to Access Restriction Tab. Delete or remove all the restriction.

5. If these steps fail to resolve your router problem, push the Reset button at the back of your router. Push the button down for ten seconds. These will retrieve your original settings.
6. If everything was changed and nothing works, go to Linksys web site and get help.

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