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Understanding computer hacking

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 29 Aug, 2010 13:08:05

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Computer hacking is the act of gaining unauthorized access of computers and networks. People involved in hacking are called “hackers”. These persons are capable of entering your resources without your permission. Hackers are classified into two types: The Black Hat Hackers and the White Hat hackers. Black hat hackers are basically the one with bad intentions, they usually will enter or access your resources to steal, gain information, to destroy something or even delete your files while White hat hackers also known as “ethical hackers” are the one whose intention is to access your site or will try to hack your computer to just to test your security. If they can access your site by the use of hacking, they will inform you that your system is exposed to hackers or can even suggest you what you need to do for you to be able to secure your resources. Normally, these kinds of hackers are hired by companies to test their system’s security. Below are some of the most known black and white hat hackers.

Black Hat Hackers:

Robert Tappan Morris - son of former National Security Agency scientist Robert Morris, is known to be the mind behind the Morris worm. Morris worm is known to be the very first worm unleashed in the internet. And because of his first worm, he was also the first person persecuted under the 1986 Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. This worm affected around 6,000 computers. The worm can replicate itself and can also cause system slow down. He was also fined $10,500 for this crime.

Jonathan Joseph James, a.k.a. c0mrade was the first minor to be charged with cybercrime. He was 15 years old at that time and was sentenced after a year. During the late October of year 1999, he committed intrusions on BellSouth and Miami-Dade. After that, he decided to go for the Defense Threat Reduction Agency which is a division of the United States Department of Defense. He is so good that he installed a unauthorized backdoor in a server in Virginia which he used to install a sniffer that can intercept messages passing to and from DTRA employees. This also includes usernames and passwords of employees. This caused the NASA computer to shut down for three weeks that cost them almost $41,000 to fix the said computer.

White Hat Hackers:

Stephen Wozniak, a.k.a Woz was one of the co-founder of Apple Computers. He bypassed a telephone to make free long- distance calls. He even called Jobbs, also a co-founder of Apple to research on frequencies so that they can build blue boxes to be sent to their classmates in college. Woz even called the Pope and pretended to be Henry Kissinger.

Tim Berners-Lee – Known as the inventor of the World Wide Web. This system is used to access sites in the internet. While Lee is still in college, he was caught hacking access inside Oxford University; he was banned from the University computers after that. His parents were both mathematicians who worked on the Manchester Mark1, one of the earliest electronic computers.

Hackers can do good or evil. It depends on his/her decision. It depends on whether they want to help or they want to steal. It is up to them. Ethics must always be present in every hacker to avoid destruction and stealing

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nagtu2ro po rin ba kayo maging hacker dito...for educational purpose only

Sa ngayon po wala pa po kameng inooffer na course for Ethical Hacking but as of now where planning to open.Thank you!

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