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Understanding Phone Tethering

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 28 May, 2014 14:11:11

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Tethering is the process of connecting a device to your mobile phone to share internet connection. Tethering is done by those who are subscribed to a mobile internet plan which do have the capabilities of sharing their connection to other devices. Traditionally, we only knew routers are the only devices that could possibly share an internet connection to other devices but because of the continuing development of the modern world, mobile internet can now be easily shared.

Tethering your phone to other devices will depend on the connection that your phone has. It may be done using a Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or simply by a USB cable.

Bluetooth tethering - Tethering using your Bluetooth simply means that other devices could connect

Wi-Fi tethering - Tethering using your Wi-Fi or commonly known as mobile hotspot is the most common tethering being used. It means that other devices could connect to your device using Wi-Fi. Your phone acts as a router which could be used to share your phones internet connection.

USB tethering - Tethering via USB means that you could connect your phone to a device that has a USB port to share your connection.

In order to use tethering properly, you will... need the following:

Data Plan / Internet connection - Tethering will be useless unless you do have an active internet connection to share. It doesn't matter if you are using a postpaid plan or just a regular prepaid internet connection.

Tethering capable mobile phone - You must first check if your mobile phone supports tethering. It doesn't matter if it doesn't support the three kinds of tethering but as long as there is one out of the three, it could still share your internet connection. It is also possible to be disconnected to the internet when you'll be using your phone to place a call or even answering one.

Using your device to share connection could be very useful especially for those who are on the go. I just would like to inform you that when tethering your via wireless connection, your battery life would drain easily.

If you will be connecting a laptop or even a desktop to your mobile phone, it would be best to use USB tethering because it won't drain your battery that fast compared to tethering using a wireless connection. Another thing, this kind of tethering is the most stable among the three.

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