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Understanding VPN and its benefits

by: Vianca C. Villar | 22 Feb, 2010 18:27:28

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The need for a secured connection for online communication amongst businesses and its employees has long been answered by yet another powerful product of technology known as, the Virtual Private Network or VPN.

In a previous article it has been named as one of the basic routers used in tying up multiple networks together. What makes this tool very popular is its ability to provide a private channel for exchange of information (both receiving and sending) from a remote location or any part of the world.

What makes it secure?

How does VPN make information exclusive to its users despite utilizing internet network, which is considered public access? Answer, it makes use of the Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP), present in VPN servers allowing its users to log on to their company’s site  and access confidential information from anywhere in the world.  An encryption of 128-bit from the local computer via the PPPT to the VPN’s server is created for a protected connection. It works similar to remote access except that the information passes through a restricted line unlike regular networks.

During the process, data is being scrambled, encrypted and even encapsulated before being it is sent or received. Such manner gives the information a secured conduit, as mentioned earlier enabling it to travel across the internet without the danger of being intercepted or corrupted by those outside its access. Hence, the term private for VPN.

Since it networks multiple computers from various remote areas acting as though it is hard-wired, it was given other descriptors such as virtual and network for its name.

Its Benefits

This tool has become increasingly in demand considering its flexibility to let employees go about their work from wherever they are. VPN offered a solution for global businesses by making it possible for them to access files or data from any given location through restricted access.

The company and its staff enjoy the ease of convenience of conducting their business from anywhere by way of a protected network. It places no geographical limits on how transactions can be carried out and for businesses to spread out or expand at a lower cost compared to other means.

Setting up your VPN

Do you plan to build your VPN? Then, Read on.

Experts gave some pointer in setting up your VPN before discussion with potential providers or vendors. These are: information that can be shared and its direction (i.e. can VPN users only send or receive data or both); a list of hardware and software to be used on every area to enable VPN access, this step is as important as the first one for it will allow the computers to communicate; and the type of protocol to be used to ensure that your data are kept secured.

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Nice article but I think it will help if you had discussed the types of VPN like IPSEC or SSL VPN

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