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UNTANGLE: manage your network, secure and easy

by: Ryan Elvin O. De Guzman | 09 May, 2010 01:27:15

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What is Untangle? Untangle is a software that helps network administrators to deploy and manage network with ease. This software also allows network administrators to configure network policies or restrictions with confidence.  This software application is light and easy to use even though you don't have a good knowledge in network administration, installing is very easy. Simplified, fast, compact, affordable, and most of all, they have a free-to-use version, nice! Now, let's start by discussing their products one by one, shall we?

1. Open Source Package - Freeware
2. Professional Package - Paid/Shareware
3. Super Bundle - Paid/Shareware
4. Education Standard - Paid/Shareware
5. Small Business Standard - Paid/Shareware

Since we all love FREE tools, I'm going to focus my article on their open source package which has several free applications we need most in network administration, these are: Web Filter, Virus Blocker, Spam Blocker, Ad Blocker, Attack Blocker, Phish Blocker, Spyware Blocker, and Firewall. These free applications can be installed individually by user preference.

1. Web Filter: The most on-demand feature for network administration. This filters the unwanted sites from your network, so that client PC's only have limited sites to visit, according to net admin's configuration.

2. Virus Blocker: Like an Internet Protection software, untangle also have this feature so that virus that are coming from the network protocols such as HTTP, or FTP, blocks/filter them before it reaches client PC's.

3. Spam Blocker: Also prevents before it reaches Client PC's, this feature blocks/filter spam messages that are coming from emails.

4. Ad Blocker: Some websites have an annoying Popup ads that are coming from their web page, UNTANGLE blocks them to reduce scattered unnecessary web pages, increases the productivity of your client's PC.

5. Attack Blocker: Prevents denial-of-service or DOS attack which can make client PC's to, slow down internet connection, prevent access from certain websites, and triggers the computer to crash.

6. Phish Blocker: This feature blocks the attempt of stealing client PC's confidential information such as username, password, bank accounts and credit card numbers. 
7. Spyware Blocker: This feature blocks the spyware programs that helps to prevent Client PC's to be monitored without their consent.

8. Firewall: Filters network communications, or set permissions to allow or deny access to the network.

Some Paid Application for additional services.
Live Support, eSoft Web Filter, Kaspersky Virus Blocker, Commtouch Spam Booster, Wan Balancer, Wan Failover, and Policy Manager               

Open source software has two types of package.
1.The stand alone, which can run like an operating system for your PC. Download the ISO file, burn to disk and install.
2.The UNTANGLE for Windows, which can install and run under Windows environment. Download the executable file (wintangle.exe), run the install, restart your PC, and then follow the installation instructions.

Untangle is the most advance yet easy to manage. With over 12 free applications to choose, Untangle makes the number one network administration tool in the market today.
Who can use this software? This software can be use in schools, small/medium/large business, home, and also for government.

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