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Useful Ways To Fix Your PC Dilemmas

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 13 Dec, 2010 19:52:06

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There are a lot of issues involved when it comes to problems your personal computer encounters. 

On this article, you’ll know 10 different issues and its corresponding resolutions to use when dilemmas hit your PCs. 

  • Large icons are only visible to your folders 

When you are using Windows Vista and its entire folder seem to have large icons visible within, you may change your default in Windows Explorer by clicking on Tools Folder Options after setting the right view on any folder. Then proceed to Apply to All Folders after clicking the View tab. 

  • When you keyboard got broken keys 

You may consider scavenging keys that are unused and then its mechanism can be used with keys that are broken (e.g. Delete key); this can only be done if part of the key mechanism turns into pieces.  

  • Your personal computer starts like a turtle

You may type MSCONFIG after clicking Start-Run, then if you like to see all of the applications appearing when starting up, you may click the Startup tab. Just uncheck one program at a time because, most likely, you would need these applications to run your personal computer later on; you can do this after you uncheck those things you don’t want to be included when you boot your computer on.

  • When your display looks weird or bizarre 

If you are using Windows Vista or XP, you may check display settings by right-clicking your desktop. Choose Settings after choosing Personalize in Vista or Properties in XP. You may click on Advanced-Adapter if you can’t increase color quality and resolution. You may download a driver compatible with your personal computer if another generic adapter or standard VGA adapter is listed. You can also try a driver prior to your version if you have your adapter handy. Click Driver-Roll Back Driver after choosing Display Settings-Advanced Settings-Properties when you open the Personalization Control Panel in Vista, while you may click on Properties-Driver-Roll Back Driver when you are using Windows XP.

  • When the network for your Wi-Fi is going on turtle-slow

Most probably you have interference if the problem is not directly linked to an outage of network. You may try relocating your router to cover itself from disrupted conditions such as calls from a cordless phone or microwave use or crowded transmission. Look for a Channel panel and you may try 10, 12, or 14 after changing the channel through the configuration page for your router. 

  • When your default printer is not the default anymore 

You may select Start-Run and type control printers then press return key. Click Set as Default Printer after right-clicking the printer you prefer.  This could be done when some applications such as Microsoft Corporation’s OneNote install faux-printer-like tools as output options, and some will also unhelpfully make them the default for all print jobs. 

  • When garbage is purge out of your printer 

For any reason you did not check or properly cleared the cancelled print job from the memory of your computer, you may turn-off the printer for a minute or two then come back after refreshing it. If the issue persists, you may reinstall the driver after you download it. It is so easy to do. You may go to Start-Printers in Vista or Start-Printers and Faxes in XP for deleting remaining files in the print queue while you are waiting.  

  • When you are seeing error messages consistently everyday which indicates problem on your PCs memory

When you are seeing regular error messages daily which is a sign of memory problem on you personal computer, you may download the free MemTest86 via and save it on your disk used for booting, then you may run full battery tests. These steps can be done if you like to check if the trouble is actually your Random Access Memory.

  • When your video is playing no images or audible sounds

Another big issue on your personal computer is when the video player plays no images nor can you hear sounds from it. When this happens, your codecs may be outdated. You may get updates through a free pack like the K-Lite Codec Pack or Mega CodecS Pack from ACE. 

  • When one of your personal computer’s cables or ports has a pin bent 

The best solution for this issue is the tip of a mechanical pencil with large-diameter that surely fit most pins, while using pliers may worsen the situation. You may just slip the tip of the mechanical pencil on the bent pin to put it back on its original form.  

There you have it! You may use the following guidelines when you encounter such PC problems.

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