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Using The Web In Windows 7 Troubleshooting: Series 3

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 22 Dec, 2010 14:35:44

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I apologize to keep you waiting for this third installment of our troubleshooting series. Now, we are going to continue the discussion on tools for troubleshooting Windows 7 using the Web on this third part of the article. At this point, we are going to tackle about Problem Steps Recorder.

Problem Steps Recorder is a very helpful utility from Windows 7 which allows step-by-step documentation of a computer problem that has been created or the moves that lead to a certain issue. With this feature, you can send the recording compilation to another person or simply to help desk for them to exactly determine the real reason why a certain issue happen. This tool will make remote troubleshooting problems more effectively because it has steps that led to a personal computer problems such as error, crash, and many other similar issues involved.

 The help desk and the user don’t have to be connected at the same time because attached files of the session can be sent through the use of Problem Steps Recorder. This will also assist help desk associates to work more effectively and inform the user about the solution for the access to visual remake of the issue and offline resolution which is available on hand.

 For a heads up, you cannot find on any Windows menus or Control Panel the Problem Steps Recorder utility; instead you may create a session to open it. It is very easy to open a Problem Steps Recorder session by pressing the Windows key, on the search field type psr.exe, and then press Return for the console options to appear if you like to add comments, stop and start recording.

 Annotated screenshots collection is what Problem Steps Recorder has and definitely not videos. You may send an attachment file of the completed session via chat or IM or you can even send it along with an electronic mail which will belong to an MHTML compilation that only Internet Explorer has the feature for viewing it.

 The best thing to know regarding the tool Problem Steps Recorder is when issues come you don’t have to do saving of the file. To avoid potential negative issues and to inform users, you can do the documentation of tasks that are confusing or not clear, or sessions involving how-to procedures, or simply do tutorials.

 Just remember that the only first steps to solve the struggle for remote computer is by observing the issues involved while you are connecting to a troubled personal computer. You are making the problem solving a lot easier when you avoid remote system traveling.

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