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Ways To Determine The Best Memory Card

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 25 Dec, 2010 11:44:54

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In buying memory cards you need to get the best of them all, especially, when you are to buy a Secure Digital card to use for your electronic cameras for photo storage. You have to consider different quality measures to make sure that you’re getting the product match to what your money worth.

The following are things you need to look on when you are to buy the best memory card to use for your electronic camera, such as; Safer Data, Speed and Compatibility, and Capacity.

·          Safer Data 

When you are to buy a memory card like most people do, of course you will be preferring cards with higher capacity Secure Digital card. For security and convenience on your part, you may also buy smaller memory cards for backup purposes in case one of your photo storage devices got destroyed or otherwise, you can do image backup several times after downloading your images repeatedly. If you are shooting a video or an RAW photo format, you may also consider using an 8GB memory card. For example, if you want to buy a card that can hold 68 hours of song play lists, 1540 pictures, and high-quality video for half an hour and 10 minutes, you may use a 4GB memory card; and for doubling the figure you may use 8GB instead. 

·          Speed and Compatibility 

You have to consider the importance of consulting your electronic camera’s manual or company manufacturer for matching the compatible memory card for your camera, most especially if you are to buy high-speed memory card, while most electronic cameras are Secure Digital card compatible. You may choose from several speed of Secure Digital card which comes with even-number classes of 10 down to 2 from which you can write data at 4MB or 2MB per second as you wish; while most professional photographers uses 6X memory card for their works. 

·          Capacity 

For measuring the capacity of the memory card you want to use, you have to estimate the space you’ll need to use as for storing photos. You may want to use Secure Digital memory card which meet the standard that supports High Capacity format up to 32GB data and up to 2GB storage capacity. You also need an electronic camera supporting the newest format; while on the other hand, the memory card supporting up to 2TB data is the new Extended Capacity that can hold more images and applications. 

Now you can make sure that you’ll be using the best memory card for your electronic cameras with the ways stated on this article.

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