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Ways To Prolong Battery Life Of Your Notebook

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 19 Dec, 2010 23:50:16

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It is given that all notebook users want their units to have a longer power life after charging it. There are many ways to choose in prolonging your notebook’s battery life.

CPU Throttling – Throttling your personal computer may allow users to reduce the speed of the machine processor for battery life conservation with goes along with Central Processing Unit’s built-in software for throttling. Your notebook’s battery life will prolong when you come to throttle your PCs Central Processing Unit, but its only limited to its capability of running the processes and do word processing or average web surfing when you’re performing light tasks if you’re using this feature. If your notebook has throttling feature with it, you can locate the throttle mechanism on its model and make that varies on your machine. For further details, you may visit the manufacturer’s website or you may check on your notebook user’s guidebook.

Heavy Processes Avoidance – To avoid draining your battery life faster than the usual, you may avoid activities that require heavier CPU load. Among those activities requiring heavier Central Processing Unit load are watching DVD, file downloads, and gaming. You may view your current processor load by choosing Start Task Manager after right-clicking the taskbar that is if you don’t have a Central Processing Unit screen on your desktop. The Physical Memory items and the CPU Usage right after the bottom of the Task Manager. You may scroll through the list of process running in the Task Manager, and cease anything that has no use for you by choosing End Process after right-clicking on the process if high percentage appears on your Central Processing Unit Usage. When you’re not sure if the process is not essential to your personal computer’s operation, don’t end it. Keep in mind that your CPU load will not decrease even if you stop low-impact processes.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi needs to be shut off if not necessary – Your notebook’s battery life can drain enormous amount when you have both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on. You can disable both wireless connections if it is not necessary for a certain location through pressing Bluetooth and Wireless buttons on your PC or through selecting the exact keyboard hotkeys.

Backlight Reduction – For notebooks without a Light Emitting Diode backlight, this is perfectly true. In most situations when you use your notebook indoors, it isn’t necessary to operate at super bright screens. Give an ample time for your screen to adjust to your eyes’ right lighting level for better viewing. You may press Lower Brightness from your keyboard and Fn for backlight reduction.

Power Saver Mode – After being inactive for long which is user-defined, the Power Saver mode will shut off the screen, and after a certain period of time, if again the notebook is not in use, it will be set on a sleep mode. You may click the More Power Options after clicking the battery icon on the right-side of the desktop menu, and then choose the radio button next to Power Saver. Click Change plan settings next to Power Saver option if you don't want to use the default settings, and for Hibernate options and Screen Off, choose custom time durations.

Try these ways to prolong your notebook’s battery life. 

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