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Windows 7 or Vista Restoring Techniques

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 20 Feb, 2011 21:44:58

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Your way on how to interpret things depend on your own perception, one of them is change. It is but a natural reaction to a person to be jealous if a different person who belongs to the same group of society becomes more successful than he is, right? This also applies to the progress and development of features in Windows 7 and Vista. You will be a amazed on how things change and improved when you use Windows 7 or Vista because the techniques we are going to discuss here were removed from these Windows versions mentioned.

Windows Explorer – a level higher technique

Take note that Windows 7 and Vista no longer have the button called Up, but these have buttons for Back and bread-crumbs unlike with Windows XP that retained the old feature. You may go up a level higher through the use of Alt + Up Arrow keyboard combination.

Windows 7 or Vista – bringing back menus technique

The Microsoft Corporation have decided that menus of the older versions of Windows Explorer be hidden to save on spaces they were occupying and their functions was moved to a different location. You may not see the improvement even if you use the menu frequently. The good thing to know is that you can restore the menu bar. You may press Alt for the menu bar to be displayed once. For a permanent display, you may perform the following steps:

  • The Organize menu should be opened
  • The next step is clicking Layout
  • On the Menu Bar you may put a check

Windows 7 Start menu – Connect To restoring technique

Perhaps you need to make various Internet connectivity options if you are traveling to and fro between your work place and home while you are using your notebook. You may use Connect to as a handy function whenever the need arise even in reality it is not that important. In Windows 7, this entry is not used as default unlike in the Start menu of Windows Vista. For its restoration process, the following steps should be performed:

  • The Start button should be right clicked
  • From the context menu you may choose Properties
  • The tab for Start Menu  should be selected
  • The button for Customize should be clicked
  • On the button of Connect to you may put a check
  • After all the steps done, you may click OK twice  

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