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KB0294-Administering a Windows Srvr 2003 Active Directory Infrastructure




This course is a face to face instructor-led training with additional online training to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully plan, implement, and troubleshoot a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Active Directory directory service infrastructure.

The course focuses on a Windows Server 2003 directory service environment, including forest and domain structure, Domain Name System (DNS), site topology and replication, organizational unit structure and delegation of administration, Group Policy, and user, group, and computer account strategies.

This course will help you prepare for Microsoft Certified Professional exam, Exam 70-294: Planning, Implementing, and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Active Directory Infrastructure  


After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Describe the logical and physical components of Active Directory.
  • Create and configure a forest and domain structure by using an Active Directory infrastructure design.
  • Plan and implement an organizational unit structure.
  • Plan and implement Active Directory user, group, and computer accounts.
  • Plan and implement a Group Policy strategy to centrally manage users and computers in an enterprise.
  • Deploy, manage, and troubleshoot software that is deployed using Group Policy.
  • Implement sites to manage and monitor Active Directory replication.
  • Plan and implement the placement of domain controllers, global catalog servers, and DNS servers that are integrated with Active Directory.
  • Plan and manage operations masters.
  • Back up, restore, and maintain Active Directory.
  • Plan and implement an Active Directory infrastructure that is based on a directory service design that an enterprise architect provides.


Instructor-led, classroom/laboratory-delivery learning model with structured hands-on and minds-on activities and laboratory activities.


  • Students should have studied or taken the Planning and Maintaining a Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure, or have the equivalent knowledge and skills


  • Go to 70-294 Practice Online exam (for enrolled students only)


Chapter 1: Introduction to Active Directory Infrastructure

  • The Architecture of Active Directory
  • How Active Directory Works
  • Examining Active Directory
  • The Active Directory Design, Planning, and Implementation Processes

Chapter 2: Implementing an Active Directory Forest and Domain Structure

  • Creating a Forest and Domain Structure
  • Examining and Configuring Active Directory Integrated DNS
  • Raising Forest and Domain Functional Levels
  • Creating Trust Relationships
  • Securing Trusts Using SID Filtering
  • Implementing Active Directory  

Chapter 3: Implementing an Organizational Unit Structure

  • Managing Organizational Units
  • Delegating Administrative Control for Organizational Units
  • Planning an Organizational Unit Strategy

Chapter 4 Implementing User, Group, and Computer Accounts

  • Introduction to Accounts
  • Creating and Managing Multiple Accounts
  • Implementing User Principal Name Suffixes
  • Moving Objects in Active Directory
  • Planning an Account Strategy
  • Planning an Active Directory Audit Strategy

Chapter 5 Implementing Group Policy

  • Creating and Configuring Group Policy objects (GPOs)
  • Configuring When Group Policy Is Applied
  • Managing GPOs
  • Verifying and Troubleshooting Group Policy
  • Delegating Administrative Control of Group Policy
  • Planning a Group Policy Strategy for the Enterprise

Chapter  6 Deploying and Managing Software by Using Group Policy

  • Introduction to Managing Software Deployment
  • Deploying Software
  • Configuring Software Deployment
  • Maintaining Deployed Software
  • Troubleshooting Software Deployment
  • Planning a Software Deployment Strategy

Chapter  7 Implementing Sites to Manage Active Directory Replication

  • Introduction to Active Directory Replication
  • Creating and Configuring Sites
  • Managing Site Topology
  • Troubleshooting Replication Failures
  • Planning a Site

Chapter  8 Implementing Placement of Domain Controllers

  • Implementing the Global Catalog in Active Directory
  • Determining the Placement of Domain Controllers in Active Directory
  • Planning the Placement of Domain Controllers

Chapter  9 Managing Operations Masters

  • Introduction to Operation Master Roles
  • Transferring and Seizing Operations Master Roles
  • Planning the Placement of Operations Masters

Chapter  10 Maintaining Active Directory Availability

  • Introduction to Maintaining Active Directory
  • Moving and Defragmenting the Active Directory Database
  • Backing Up Active Directory
  • Restoring Active Directory
  • Planning for Monitoring Active Directory

Chapter  11 Planning and Implementing an Active Directory Infrastructure

  • Creating the Active Directory Implementation Plan for chic shop
  • Implementing the Active Directory Infrastructure for chic shop


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pwede ko bang kunin itong"administering win2003 AD.." khit hinid ko n kunin yun entry requirements? i've knowledge on win2k3 installation and computere networking and repair. internet dsl, router and ip configuration.

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