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Archive for February 2010

NVIDIA PureVideo HD technology

By: Ailene B. Misa Posted: 19 Feb, 2010

Nowadays, you can see more and more computers everywhere you go.  From your house, to the office, supermarket, subway, school, etc.  People are becoming computer dependent.  Well in fact most of our tasks are commonly done with the use of computer.

 With this, most computer manufacturer never stop their research and development to further enhance the capability of our existing computers.

 Most of the software available in the market has excellent graphical user interface. Also, most of us are getting much interested... continue |

The Nvidia Ion: Early Dose of Technology

By: Ryan Elvin O. De Guzman Posted: 12 Feb, 2010

Nvidia is the world’s leading developer of complex, high performance GPU (Graphic Processing Unit), a visual processing technology that delivers high performance graphic solution in your desktop PC, gaming consoles and mobile devices.

Focusing in the world of mobility, Nvidia has created a much higher level of integrated graphics technology for small computers because most of our operating system today is high in graphics interface. Perhaps this technology is the stepping stone to the next level of high performance mobile devices... continue |