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Archive for February 2010

Understanding VPN and its benefits

By: Vianca C. Villar Posted: 22 Feb, 2010

The need for a secured connection for online communication amongst businesses and its employees has long been answered by yet another powerful product of technology known as, the Virtual Private Network or VPN.

In a previous article it has been named as one of the basic routers used in tying up multiple networks together. What makes this tool very popular is its ability to provide a private channel for exchange of information (both receiving and sending) from a remote location or... continue |

Network Connection: Wired or Wireless?

By: Ailene B. Misa Posted: 06 Feb, 2010

Maybe you are on the stage of planning to build a network connection for your home or for small business office.  In this article, we will try to examine the two available options that you can use the wired and wireless networking.  We will try to identify the pros and cons of each option.

Let me discuss first the wired connection.

This is the oldest network connection in computing technology.  We called it wired network because it uses wire or what we... continue |

Share your Internet Connection using Ad hoc wireless networking

By: Ryan Elvin O. De Guzman Posted: 04 Feb, 2010

Do you have an internet connection and want it to share to another computer at home? Let us first define what's an Ad hoc means. I'll try not to use technical terms so it's not hard for you to imagine what I'm trying to explain here. An Ad hoc simply refers to a wireless mode which turns your wi-fi enabled computer into a wireless router-like radio signal. This enables you to establish a PC to PC wireless connection, sounds interesting? I've tried... continue |