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Archive for February 2010

Learn the Power of Virtual PC

By: Ryan Elvin O. De Guzman Posted: 09 Feb, 2010

This software can help IT's deal with their old application. For those who are still not familiar with this application you'll find this article helpful.

Do you love your old operating system but can't use it anymore, because you’re now using the latest hardware and operating system? Who cares about that old operating system? Maybe for some people they still want it installed not just because of the OS, but also for their legacy application that won't simply run on new... continue |

Upgrading Windows XP to Windows 7 with Automated Installation Kit (AIK)

By: Ryan Elvin O. De Guzman Posted: 05 Feb, 2010

Windows 7 is the new operating system from Microsoft that was already released its final version. Here's a quick overview why people like this operating system.

Before the final version was released in the market, Microsoft posted a beta version (an incomplete version of an application but still useable and almost all features has it) for download. Anyone can test and evaluate the product for free. Most of the users comment said, that it was fast and more stable OS compared... continue |

TeamViewer: The easiest way to share your Desktop

By: Ryan Elvin O. De Guzman Posted: 05 Feb, 2010

Have you heard about remote access? It is a technology that was used since Windows XP has develop this technology using a graphical user interface to help other users at the other end of the network computer. Remote access uses the Remote Desktop technology to allow assistance to the user that are also using Windows platform.  However, configuring remote access is also a hard task to do for novice who is having trouble with their computer. Since we assume that... continue |

In Focus: Remote Desktop Soft ware

By: Vianca C. Villar Posted: 05 Feb, 2010

My first encounter with this kind software was during one of our conference calls with our offshore clients whereby we were able to share desktops, files and presentation material direct from abroad. The next instance was with IT personnel who were troubleshooting my computer from his station via a remote desktop tool helping me pull up an application I was trying to use. It was absorbing to sit and watch as my mouse moved around the screen without any of... continue |

How to Share PowerPoint or Open Office Presentation On-line?

By: Ailene B. Misa Posted: 04 Feb, 2010
Are you a student who was assigned to give a report? A teacher or facilitator who needs a visual presentation of your lesson or topic? A sales executive who sells products with visual presentation?

Most of us we opt to discuss our ideas, reports and even concerns through visual presentation. Most of us opt to use software application like Microsoft PowerPoint to do our report.

From an individual in a very young age up to the president of chairman of Top... continue |

Learning the BIOS Boot up process

By: Vianca C. Villar Posted: 04 Feb, 2010

Ever wonder what goes on in the background or within the computer's system or motherboard once you press the power button on? Which program runs or software runs first?  Let this article take you through the process.

Once your computer is turned on, its microprocessor found on a single micro chip which functions as its central processing unit (CPU) awaits for its first command. The instruction cannot come from the Operating system since it is stored on a hard disk and... continue |