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Archive for August 2010

Who invented the first computer?

By: Melissa Reyes Posted: 23 Aug, 2010

            Did you know who invented the first computer? Maybe you have different answer from mine. This only shows that the creation of computers was very complicated and innovative. In my article, I will briefly discuss the history of the early computers.

            It was in 1936 when the first computer was invented and developed by the most promising creation of Konrad Zuse. Though it has been claimed that there were devices prior to it but it was the first ever... continue |

Your computer is malfunctioning: What are instant troubleshooting procedures?

By: Melissa Reyes Posted: 17 Aug, 2010

OMG! Your computer is not working! What are you going to do now? This sitution is a commonplace, however, what matters most is the way you react.

The problem of your computer might be trivial, so don’t overreact as if you are carrying the heaviest burden. Nevertheless, this small problem can lead to bigger ones if unattended or ignored.  Your remedy is the utmost. There are two possible causes of the malfunctions.

  1. User error – If you ... continue |

How can you prevent your computer from troubles?

By: Melissa Reyes Posted: 10 Aug, 2010
Can we possibly prevent computers from troubles? Have these problems occurred frequently? These have been the questions since computers started evolving in our daily lives. These problems have been piled up unless we can do something. Nevertheless, we don’t need to be a computer expert to maintain our computer in a good condition. But one thing is certain, preventive maintenance is far better than troubleshooting. Just systematically follow the guidelines I can share you in this article.

1. We need to... continue |

What you need to do before you format your Computer

By: Megan B. Bolivar Posted: 10 Aug, 2010
Your computer was working perfectly well but all of a sudden it starts behaving badly. You can not play your favorite online games or do your computer programming projects anymore it really pissed you off. What will be the first thing  to do to address a malfunctioning computer?

There are lots of first level approach in dealing with this kind of scenario you can begin by reading this When to format and Why you need to format a computer and... continue |