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Archive for October 2010

PC Troubleshooting and Repair Training. Learn How to build a Career in Computer Repair

By: Megan B. Bolivar Posted: 18 Oct, 2010
Getting the best IT training for PC Troubleshooting and Repair is one of the most essential steps to become a Computer Technician. Start by looking for Training Centers that are proven to be effective on what they are doing and are offering certifications to prove that you are making progress on  what your are doing.

We all know that every small to large companies are using computers to run their daily operations and even average class and middle class homes are... continue |

Hard disk Bad Sectors How it can affect your PC and Fix it for good

By: Megan B. Bolivar Posted: 10 Oct, 2010
If Windows XP detects Bad sectors in your computer, that would be a very bad news for you. Your computer will become erratic and would absolutelly make your life miserable you will experience constant hung ups while working on your computer.

What exactly is a bad sector in your hard disk?

Bad sectors are damaged sectors on your hard drive where the computer can not read or write data in it anymore. Sectors are sections on your hard disk which are... continue |

What is Hard disk Cloning? Learn the purpose of Cloning your computer Hard Drive

By: Megan B. Bolivar Posted: 08 Oct, 2010
You may not heard of Hard disk cloning and may have not used it for your daily job as a computer technician but i tell you what? This is the best way to make your IT job easier. You will save time and energy doing time consuming job in maintaining massive numbers of computers in your company or at home.

What is hard disk Cloning?

Hard disk cloning is a method of copying the entire contents of your hard drive or a... continue |