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Archive for November 2010

Selecting the best “Drives” for your Laptop

By: Kenneth Tello Posted: 25 Nov, 2010

Tips in finding the right hard drive, optical drive and external drives for your laptop

Aside from the processor and the memory, other hardware specifications that you take into considerations when buying the right laptop for your needs are the different types of drives for your laptop computer. When we talk about drives, the first thing that comes in your mind might be the hard disk drive and no other. There are different types of drives and each of them has... continue |

Desktop Computer Cleaning Tips

By: Kenneth Tello Posted: 25 Nov, 2010

No matter how sophisticated your computer components are, they are still no match when it comes to dirt and dust. In most cases it is the excessive dirt and dust inside the computer casing that causes your computer to slow down its performance. So in order for your computer to be in good health and working condition, it is important to make cleaning your computer a habit. In fact, you don’t need to be a professional computer technician to clean... continue |