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Archive for November 2013

Useful shortcut keys for windows 7

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 20 Nov, 2013
In this present time, majority of us already know how to use a computer. It may be for gaming, browsing the web, for office or school. Computers were made not just for fun and pleasure but mainly because it could make our lives easier. In this article, I’ll be sharing some useful shortcut keys for windows 7 that could be useful whether you are in the office or in school. Most of us are aware that there are several shortcut keys available for Windows but in this article, I’ll be only specifying those keys that could really be helpful for productivity. “Ctrl + Shift + Esc” – This shortcut key will directly open the task manager for you. This shortcut is commonly used when there is a certain program that suddenly won’t respond especially when the mouse cursor won’t appear. “Windows key + Up Arrow” – This is used to maximize the current window that you are using. Instead of clicking the maximize button, you could also use this shortcut. “Windows key + Down Arrow” – This is used to minimize the current window. “Windows + Left Arrow/ Right Arrow” – In Windows 7, when you drag a window on either the left... ... continue |