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Archive for April 2014

Software that could monitor your child's internet activity

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 30 Apr, 2014
In our present generation, the greater percentage of the world knows how to use a computer. Even kids under 7 years old could even operate one. I can even see some kids who are playing with their own tablets while being pushed on their strollers. Most kids nowadays prefer facing the computer rather than playing outside with friends. Most parents might allow their children to use the computer but how could parents monitor the sites that they are visiting?

In this article, I will be sharing a program that could be useful in monitoring the sites or limiting the time they could spend using the internet. This way, parents would be sure that their children are not visiting sites that would not cause them any good.

One of the most famous programs that could help you protect your children is the K9 Web Protection. It allows you to block websites depending on the category. It can block the page when the program detects that the content of the website that is being opened is among the category that is blocked. As I have said above, it also has the feature to allow your child to use the computer for a specific... ... continue |

The end of Windows XP

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 30 Apr, 2014
After more than a decade of existence, Microsoft has now decided to end the support for Windows XP. According to Microsoft, they have decided to stop giving out updates for XP so that they could invest more on new technologies. This means that all XP computers won't be able to receive updates anymore which could result to a computer vulnerable to viruses and the like.

If you still want to use XP, you may still do so but do bear in mind that without the updates, you're computer is at risk. I would really recommend upgrading your OS to a newer version of Windows for you to have a peace of mind.

For those who would want to transfer their files, a simple partition or even a flash drive would do the trick. You could save your files to a separate partition or to your flash drive so that when you need to install the newer version, you could just copy it back but this would only copy your files and not the settings or programs. It could also be possible to use Windows update but it would depend if your computer could meet the requirements.

I know that many are still... ... continue |

Google Drive, Google's online file storage

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 30 Apr, 2014

More than a decade ago, floppy disks were used to save files but the only problem with it is that you could only save around 3mb of space for a single disk which is really small. Just imagine saving a 100mb file back then, it would need several floppy disks which make it more complicated to save. Several years later, the flash drive was invented which supports higher storage capacity which we could use to store bigger files like music, videos, movies and pictures. In our present time where almost everyone is online every day, there are already several sites that offer online storage and of them is Google.

Google's online storage is called Google drive which allows users to store and access their files anywhere and anytime. If you'll register with them, you'll be entitled with a free account which allows you to store up to 15GB. This would be good enough for documents and for a few movies but if ever that you still need additional space, you could still subscribe to their plans depending on the space that you need. Below are the storage plans that they offer.

15 GB - FREE
100 GB - $1.99 per month
1 TB... ... continue |

Microsoft, The new owner of Nokia

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 23 Apr, 2014
Nokia, one of the biggest producers of mobile phones in the world will be acquired by Microsoft for around $7 Billion. It is not a secret to all of us that Nokia is not on the top of the list anymore. Years back, Nokia has been the leader in producing mobile phones all over the world but when android phones were introduced on the market, Nokia's sales drastically slowed down.

Nokia was known for their "User Friendly" mobile phones back then. At that time, Nokia's competitors are Samsung and Motorola. I remember having my very first mobile phone, the Nokia 3210 which became one of the most famous mobile phones of Nokia a decade ago. Almost all mobile phone designs and features of Nokia back then attracted consumers but after several years of being on top, Nokia wasn't able to sustain their position because consumers are now choosing other brands instead of Nokia.

In this present time, Android and IOS phones are the only two competing for the top spot on the market which leaves Nokia out of the picture. Nokia's Lumia which is powered by Windows wasn't able to catch the attention of consumers. It would be very seldom nowadays that... ... continue |

Faster Internet with 4G LTE

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 23 Apr, 2014
Internet connection nowadays is far more better compared a decade before. I do remember using a dial up connection wherein you need to plug your modem to a telephone line in order to connect to the internet with a speed of only 56 kbps. Downloading a 10mb file would take you hours unlike now that it would only take you a few seconds for it to be finished. A 1.5mbps connection may already be fast for others but for some, this isn't enough and this is where LTE comes in. LTE stands for Long-Term Evolution or commonly known as the 4G connection.

LTE connection was already available years back in other countries but was only recently acquired by the Philippines. If you are not happy anymore with the current speed that you are using, upgrading to 4g/LTE might be the best solution for you.

It is nice to know that telecommunication companies are doing their very best to come up with upgrades that would benefit us. The LTE connection is a fast internet by the use of mobile data and was introduced at first for mobiles only but now, it could already be used for computers wherein you just need... ... continue |

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By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 23 Apr, 2014

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