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Archive for April 2015

Free cloud storage sites, save and share files online

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 30 Apr, 2015
Some of you might already be thinking of buying an external hard drive or another hard drive for your computer due to low disk space. An additional hard drive could cost you thousands of pesos and as alternative, cloud storage comes in. So basically, what is cloud storage?

Cloud storage is an online storage of files which you could access anywhere as long as you have an active internet connection. Cloud storage is good for sharing files with friends and especially with your family. It would be a nice idea to have a common folder for you to share pictures and to store memories.

Cloud storage does not need advance skills in computers to have an account. You only need to register and you could start using it immediately. The free storage allocation would depend on the cloud storage host that you will be using.
Below would be some of the top free cloud storage that you could use.

Dropbox - This is one of the most popular when it comes to free online storage but users start only with 2GB of space but it could still increase and you'll know how when you are already using it. They also offer other plans... ... continue |

Protecting your wireless connection at home

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 29 Apr, 2015
Many of us are already using wireless routers at home so that our hand held devices and laptops could connect without the use of long cables. It is usual for users who do not have knowledge on computers to let someone set it up for them which includes setting up the password for your wireless routers.

Even if our routers already asks for passwords, we are still not 100 percent sure that no one could connect to your connection especially if you have a computer geek neighbor. And that is why I am writing this article to give some tips on how to have a secured wireless connection at home.

SSID Name - This SSID name serves as the name of your wireless connection where you will connect to. At purchase, the name of this is usually the brand of router you possess but you could change this one. When you change your SSID name, make sure that it is not easy for them to distinguish where it is coming from. Some users tend to name their SSID by their names, last names or even address which is a big no because they could easily distinguish you. It would be better... ... continue |

Encryption, the next level of protection for your information

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 29 Apr, 2015
It is not a secret to all of us that hackers are everywhere. They have the skills and devices to hack into your system for their personal gain. They could acquire anything and everything once they got in, they could steal your pictures, videos, emails and most importantly, information about you. If these hackers has acquired info about you, your family and your bank accounts then they can use is against you. Hackers could either steal money from your bank account or black mail you to extort something.

If your computer contains sensitive information that you want to protect, I would recommend using a good encryption program. This way, hackers could not easily steal any info about you. For those who are not familiar with an encryption program, I will explain it here on how it works.

First of all, encryption is a next level of protection that scrambles the contents which could not be accessed by someone without its secret key or password. Encrypting a data could be compared to a zip file with a password wherein you need to input a password first before you could get the files inside. To cite an example, encryption can also be seen on... ... continue |

Reasons why an outdated antivirus can be critical

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 27 Apr, 2015
As we all know, an antivirus is a type of application that helps us guard our computers from viruses. It prevents malwares and other viruses to penetrate into your systems. It is a must for computers to be installed with an anti-virus software.

Most people think that when an anti-virus software is already installed, they are already 100% protected but that is definitely not true. Anti-virus software needs to be updated regularly to ensure protection from new viruses.
Almost every day, new viruses are being developed and that is why we also need to update our software to make sure that even new viruses could be prevented.

I once have a client who does not have an internet connection and then suddenly called me and complains that his computer is starting to slow down. I immediately checked his computer and discovered that his computer was infected by a virus from a flash drive. He asked me that how did it entered his system even though an anti-virus is installed. This is the question that you will normally hear from clients.

Before I install any anti-virus application, I do explain it to clients that an anti - virus software needs to be updated regularly... ... continue |

Microsoft to roll out free Upgrade to Windows 10

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 27 Apr, 2015
Yes, you saw it right; Windows will be giving out free upgrades for those who are currently using Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 and take note, an update would be available even if you are using a pirated version.

It's been more than two years already since the release of Windows 8 and then now; they are again rolling out their latest product which is the Windows 10 version. According to Microsoft, the product would be free for update as long as you enable the Windows update and you must have the Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1 version installed. But the said update is not applicable to enterprise versions because of course; they would need to upgrade their license to a Windows 10 Enterprise version.

Windows 10 will be free for those who would upgrade in the first year right after the launch. The said OS might be free but according to Microsoft, they would not risk security and that is why they would be releasing updates every now and then to make sure that it runs perfectly.

As we all know, majority of users who migrated from Windows 7 to Windows 8 expressed dismay which resulted to... ... continue |

Cisco certification: A good start for your IT career

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 23 Apr, 2015

Due to the rising demand for IT professionals, it would be best to have a training to give you an edge in applying for a job. As we all know, millions of IT students are graduating every year but the demand for IT professionals are also getting higher and that is why you could only land a job if you have what it takes and if you possess the skills needed by the company.

There are several specializations to choose for IT professionals and one of these is computer networking. If you chose to pursue the networking specialization, it is not enough that you only know the basics. The basics of networking could possibly lead you to an entry level job but if you want to raise your worth and your salary, I would advise that you get a Cisco certification course.

Cisco certification is not that easy and you will need to exert extra effort for you to understand and apply the concepts. Self-study may be possible but it would be hard especially if you do not have the right devices that are needed. If you really want to learn and understand Cisco, it would be best to train with the... ... continue |

Importance of monitoring the server room

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 23 Apr, 2015
Almost all companies nowadays are relying on computers for their daily work and that is why it would be very important for the IT department of every company to monitor their respective server rooms to make sure that everything is in good condition. Some companies strictly implement the said monitoring but for some, they don't and that is why I am writing this article to remind everyone the importance of this task.

Below are the things that require constant monitoring for the server room.

Room Temperature - We are all aware that the our temperature nowadays are already rising and we must make sure that the room temperature of our server rooms are enough to cool down our devices. Having a server room that has a bad air-condition unit could result to problems. It could possibly fry your routers, switches and your other networking devices and that would be the worst that could happen to your IT department. Again, to make sure that your devices are cool enough to work 24/7, monitoring the room temperature is very important.

Cable and Power Connections - Most of the time, cables are the culprit when it comes to intermittent connections. It would be best to... ... continue |