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Archive for April 2015

Cisco certification: A good start for your IT career

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 23 Apr, 2015

Due to the rising demand for IT professionals, it would be best to have a training to give you an edge in applying for a job. As we all know, millions of IT students are graduating every year but the demand for IT professionals are also getting higher and that is why you could only land a job if you have what it takes and if you possess the skills needed by the company.

There are several specializations to choose for IT professionals and one of these is computer networking. If you chose to pursue the networking specialization, it is not enough that you only know the basics. The basics of networking could possibly lead you to an entry level job but if you want to raise your worth and your salary, I would advise that you get a Cisco certification course.

Cisco certification is not that easy and you will need to exert extra effort for you to understand and apply the concepts. Self-study may be possible but it would be hard especially if you do not have the right devices that are needed. If you really want to learn and understand Cisco, it would be best to train with the... ... continue |