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Where can i download a Windows Server 2008

By: Megan B. Bolivar Posted: 26 May, 2011
Windows Server 2008 R2 with service pack 1 can be downloaded at Microsoft's website. You can download the operating system free of charge. You can download the Evaluation copy and used it for 180 days.

Before you can download the software you need to sign up and register for Microsoft Windows Live account.

You can use Windows Server 2008 Trial version to evaluate and see if it met all the requirements needed for your company's software.

If you want to get certified... continue |

File Explorer Version 1.2.1 From iPad

By: Cresencio Daffon Jr. Posted: 30 Dec, 2010

Another file which is downloadable and for you to look on to is Windows File Explorer 1.2.1 from iPad that gives functions important to your iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone which can do easy file copying to and fro, and the ability to browse the folder makeup of a tool. If you like to, you can use your File Explorer as memory for the new folders you have created on your gadget. You may take note that File Explorer 1.2.1... continue |

D. M. Free Of Charge

By: Cresencio Daffon Jr. Posted: 30 Dec, 2010

This article will focus on D.M. (Download Manager) version 3 with file size of 6539 Kilobyte; can be operated through the use of Windows XP or 2000; works on Pentium II; with downloads count of 39,630; and it’s free of charge which speed-up multiple downloads acquisition through file reduction techniques before simultaneous downloading scheme. Through DM you can do several legitimate downloading sessions of movies in full-length without compromising much of your time. Now, you can download megabytes capacity of... continue |

New Skype 5.0 Is Making Its Wave

By: Cresencio Daffon Jr. Posted: 03 Dec, 2010

Now using Skype will never be the same again. There’s a new version of Skype that’s making its wave and hitting almost all internet savvy individuals today. Of course, calling other people using Skype is still free, provided that those you are calling also uses Skype, otherwise, Skype’s flat rate for calling mobile and home phones locally and internationally is reasonable and at an affordable cost. You can use Skype to Skype calling whenever and whenever the need arise. In... continue |

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